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Positive Affirmations For Letting Go Of Guilt

Positive Affirmations For Letting Go Of Guilt

Positive Affirmations For Letting Go Of Guilt

Affirmations are so powerful because they help us to challenge beliefs that are not serving us well. They fuel our minds with acceptance and encouragement, and if practiced often enough, they start to become our inner voice. This can be a transformation if you are currently struggling with negative self talk , and need some help with self-compassion

Centerstone explains that living with guilt for too long can cause depression, poor self-esteem, self-harm, strained relationships, and many more conditions. By acknowledging guilty feelings and working toward forgiving yourself, you can improve your emotional well-being. 

Of course, guilt is a normal and healthy emotion, and it can be beneficial for us and the people around us. It is important to acknowledge the feeling, and identify where it is coming from (do you need to make amends? are you being too hard on yourself?) then you can decide what is the best action to take. Remember emotions come for a reason, maybe we need to do something about it, or maybe we need to process something. The important thing is that you don’t allow the guilt to become unhealthy to the point it starts to affect you in a negative way. 

With that being said, we have created some affirmations for letting go of guilt. Guilt can be a difficult emotion to process, but it doesn’t need to stick around longer than its intended purpose. You are always worthy of self-compassion and self-love, and this will help you to move forward stronger and happier. 


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Affirmations For Letting Go Of Guilt


It’s safe for me to feel the guilt and to let it go


I need to feel in order to heal


The kinder I treat myself, the better I will do


I can allow my emotions to come over me like a wave and I can let them go


My identity is not attached to my past


I am free of my past


I can use the lessons I have learned to move forward


I forgive myself for the choices I made when I was struggling


By releasing guilt I am better for myself and the people I love


Self-compassion is more useful than dwelling on guilt 


I choose to give love to the parts of me that are healing


I look forward to a brighter, guilt-free future


I give myself the permission to feel peace and love


I am not defined by my mistakes, I am defined by my ability to learn and make better choices


As I allow myself to be forgiven, I grow stronger


I release the pressure to be perfect


I am made up of the things I love and learn, not of the mistakes I make


I allow others to be wrong about me, while I focus on myself


I protect my energy with love, acceptance, and positivity


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