You are currently viewing Turning Negative Self Talk Into Self Compassion: Examples

Turning Negative Self Talk Into Self Compassion: Examples

Turning Negative Self Talk Into Self Compassion: Examples

Changing Negative Self Talk Into Self Compassion: ExamplesHow do you speak to yourself? Do you use kind, supportive words, or do you use harsh, criticising words? Because the words we speak to ourselves, and the stories we create about who we are will form our beliefs. And our beliefs are so important because they will either limit us, or empower us. How do I know this? Well to begin with psychology and emotional well-being is a subject I could ramble on about for hours till everyone had fallen asleep, but more importantly I spoke to myself negatively for a very long time. And this completely limited all areas of my life. But as soon as I started to change the script that I had written in my own mind, my life started to change. You see self belief and self compassion are super powers. When you start to give yourself kindness, patience, and allow yourself time to discover who you are on an authentic level, you start to release all of the extra negative weight off your shoulders that was holding you back, and you start to fully live and thrive as your beautiful authentic self. The key to a happy life is nurturing who we truly are, and that starts with giving ourselves the unconditional love we were always worthy of. So I’ve put together a list for turning negative self talk into self compassion to help you begin to change the way you speak to yourself. If you find this helpful and you want to begin your journey to more self love then see the other posts such as these setting boundaries affirmations


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Turning Negative Self Talk Into Self Compassion: Examples

Changing Negative Self Talk Into Self Compassion: Examples

I keep messing uptry: What do I need to give to myself in order to feel more at ease and have a clearer mind ?

I’m never going to get better try: I am born with the ability to continuously learn and improve and this is a beautiful part of my life

Asking for help makes me weaktry: Asking for help is normal and healthy, and everyone needs to ask for help sometimes

I am annoying try: There were occasions that resulted in me feeling like I was annoying in the past and that wasn’t my fault, the right people will make me feel accepted and loved just the way I am

I’m not as good as other peopletry: Everyone has their own unique strengths and qualities, and it’s part of my journey to take some time to find mine

I’m not enough try: I was born whole and complete, I have everything I need within me that just needs nurturing

My voice doesn’t mattertry: My feelings and thoughts are valid, I deserve to be heard and seen

I’m so worried about what they think of me try: It’s not my responsibility to worry about what others think of me, I deserve to save my energy to keep doing what’s good for me

I did or said the wrong thing try: it’s healthy to make mistakes, I can self reflect to improve the future and let go of what is not in my hands

I have to do this to be accepted or loved try: I don’t have to do anything I am uncomfortable with in order to be accepted or loved

I am not doing as well as someone elsetry: I am never in competition with another person, I am on my own unique path and I am worthy of patience and celebration

I don’t deserve/can’t have  what other people have try: I am fully deserving of all the hopes and dreams I have inside me


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