Transform Negative Self Talk

Transform Negative Self Talk

The way we speak to ourselves is like food for the mind, if we feed it unhealthy thoughts, we start to feel unhealthy. On the other hand, give it healthy, positive thoughts and we will start feeling good. This is important because the way we feel affects our behaviour and our behaviour paints our lives. 


Transform Negative Self talk


If you have trouble letting go of negative self talk, picture yourself as a child. Would you talk to her/him like that? What would you say to her/him instead? Or think about what you would say to a friend who needed cheering up. Write down your answer to these questions. Then, look at your answers and realise the positivity that is within you.

When we see the positivity that is within us it almost seems silly that we would ever not allow ourselves that same kindness. If it’s not completely obvious, I am writing this from experience, so I can confirm that you really can turn negative self talk into self love. 

Positive thinking is a powerful mental health tool. And positive self talk is about acknowledging our emotions and then thinking of a way to help ourselves. See, it isn’t about ignoring our negative thoughts and the feelings that come with them, because all of our emotions are very much valid. In fact, our emotions tell us where we may need a little more self acceptance and love.

So start with acknowledging how you feel, then find a positive perspective or solution. We also need to remember to be gentle with ourselves, because changing thinking patterns which we have become comfortable with for such a long time can be tiring, therefore self compassion is essential. 

12 negative thoughts you can change

I am so annoyed with myself 

Instead, try:

That feels frustrating, and I am proud of my ability to self reflect

No one likes me 

Instead, try:

We all get along with different types of people and that’s ok

I am being lazy 

Instead, try:

Resting is beneficial if I am allowing myself to enjoy it

I can’t do this 

Instead, try:

I can try this, and if it’s for me it will work out, if it’s not for me I’ll find something that is 

I can never get it right 

Instead, try:

I do what I can with the tools that I have available at the time

Nothing ever works out for me 

Instead, try:

I’ve had a hard time, and I welcome positivity in my life

Nothing will ever change 

Instead, try:

Things always have the ability to change and I can do something about it

I always make mistakes 

Instead, try

I am self aware and care about self development

I am not good enough 

Instead, try:

I am enough, and I will feel good around the right people and places 

No one respects me

Instead, try:

respect comes from within and I am worthy or self respect

I am not where I should be in life 

Instead, try:

Happiness comes from being grateful for what I have now, and enjoying the process of working toward what I want

I am not attractive enough 

Instead, try:

There are many forms of attractiveness, and it cannot be measured 

I hope these give you some examples of how to transform negative self talk and inspire you to treat yourself with the kindness you deserve. For some extra self love, check out Self Love- 7 Day Challenge


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