You are currently viewing Uplifting quotes for when you’re feeling low

Uplifting quotes for when you’re feeling low

Uplifting quotes for when you’re feeling low

uplifting quotes for when you're feeling low

It happens to all of us, even the upmost positive ones. We get days where we’re just not seeing the bright side. We feel worn out, low and the sun just doesn’t seem to be shining in our direction. These are the times when acceptance, positive perspectives and hope are our comfort. Because we all need filling up when we’re low on energy and our mood crashes. 

If this is you today then you’ve come to the right place, a cup of your favourite comfort drink will pair nicely with reading through these uplifting words, uplifting quotes and uplifting affirmations. To help lift you up, consider us your best friend for these grey cloudy days, and know that we are all in this together as one. 

Keep reading to the end for a big dose of positivity with these uplifting affirmations!


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Uplifting quotes


Take care of yourself first, everything will follow on from that 


When you are giving to the world by doing what you love, that isn’t working, that’s living 


You are only ever in competition with becoming a healthier, happier version of yourself 


Being kind doesn’t mean prioritizing others’ comfort over your own. You are a person too


Whether you are tired, angry, happy, sad, achieving or struggling- you are always loveable. 


Life is full of many tips and downs, however your worthiness always stays the same 


Let the way you feel help you decide who to be around, what environments to stay in and what energy to walk away from 


“The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.” – Allan K. Chalmers


“You deserve your own love, acceptance, and forgiveness just as much as anyone else.” – Bryant McGill


The key to happiness is a balance of wellbeing, relationships, hobbies, work-life, self compassion, mindfulness, purpose and goals. If you don’t feel right, check what is out of balance


Your worth is not defined by your productivity, we were made to rest as much as we were made to do


Allow yourself to gravitate towards everything that brings you authentic happiness and joy 


You don’t always have to feel your best, because sometimes you may just need your best TLC 


The only answer to a bad day is self acceptance, self compassion, and some self love


Uplifting affirmations 


I am deserving of happy thoughts 

I respect my body and mind by allowing it the rest it needs 

It’s okay to not feel my best right now

I was born enough 

I was born whole and complete 

I get to decide which thoughts I keep and which thoughts I let go of 

I am worthy of all good things in life 

I radiate positivity and attract happiness into my life 

I accept the way I feel right now and open myself up to moments of joy 

I am in control of my thoughts and I choose to welcome positive perspectives 

I have the control to create positive change in my life and I begin with my mindset 

This feeling is temporary and I am moving towards a better state of being 

I deserve happiness and I am taking active steps towards it 

I am surrounded by love and support

I am not alone in my journey

The way I feel right now is okay, I am safe to rest and repair

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