You are currently viewing 10 Thoughtful Teacher Appreciation Gifts (They Actually Appreciate)

10 Thoughtful Teacher Appreciation Gifts (They Actually Appreciate)

10 Thoughtful Teacher Appreciation Gifts (They Actually Appreciate)

10 Thoughtful Teacher Appreciation Gifts (They Actually Appreciate)

The answers are in! I asked teachers what gifts they actually appreciate from pupils and students and the answers may not be what you expect.  The main message that came back was that teachers never expect children and their families to spend money on them. They are most grateful for a thought and a thank you whether that is written or said aloud. All they want is to hear that they’ve made a positive difference in your child’s life. But if it makes you happy to purchase a gift, and if it’s something you enjoy doing, then these are 10 thoughtful teacher appreciation gifts that teachers themselves actually appreciate.

10 Thoughtful Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Handmade card (with a personal message)

Firstly every teacher said their favorite gift is a handmade card with a message inside. Every teacher said they didn’t expect anything that costs money. But a thoughtful message from the child and/or from the parent expressing how they have helped their child means the absolute most. 

A gift that says “I paid attention”

Is there something the teacher has talked about all year? Do they love a particular animal or visiting a specific country? A gift that has this theme would be much appreciated—for example a magnet with a sweet little kitten on it for your teacher who absolutely loves cats. Your teacher will always remember how your child really must have paid attention in class. 

Fancy Coffee or tea

It’s no secret that teachers love coffee and tea. So how about getting them a fancy jar of coffee or a posh packet of teabags? They’ll look forward to their tea break and be reminded of your thoughtfulness every time they have one of their posh drinks.

Kind Classroom supplies

How about getting some stylish stationery or some classroom supplies you know they’re low on? Your child’s teacher will be so thankful for the generous help. What a beautiful way to say thank you!

Use your Crafting Skills

What craft does your child love to do? and what could you help them with? Homemade crafting like making a bracelet would be giving the gift of creativity and effort. Who’s more to appreciate creativity than your child’s teacher? I know of teachers who have kept handmade gifts for years because they appreciated them so much. 

Use your writing skills

Perhaps your child loves to write poems and could frame it as a gift. Maybe your child is great at storytelling and could write about one of their favorite memories at school or a school trip. Your child’s teacher would know they put their time into making them this gift and it would be one of a kind too.

Lovingly Homemade Treats

If you love to bake then get your child involved and bake a batch of delicious treats. Maybe you love to bake cookies or maybe you know how to make gorgeous homemade fudge. You could place them into a lovely-looking tin so they have the option to share them with other staff. Everyone is going to remember you and your kind (much enjoyed) gift! nothing says thank you quite like homemade treats.

Fabric book bag

You can purchase some beautiful fabric bags, just like this personalized one. so the options are endless. This is a perfect and thoughtful gift for a teacher because of all the items they need to carry backward and forwards. They’ll always think of your kindness when packing their bag with heavy books.

Personal Accessory

Is there a particular accessory you’ve seen them with? If so then you might have an idea of what they like. Maybe a certain style of a hair accessory or a keyring with a personalized message to them. Maybe a necklace with their initials on it? There are so many possibilities and your teacher will be over the moon that you got their style right. 

Thoughtful Gift Voucher

A voucher is always a win, you could get together with the other parents and make it a group present. Some great places to get vouchers for teachers are: 

  • Amazon
  • Costa
  • Starbucks
  • M&S
  • John Lewis
  • A particular shop you know they love


These gifts are going to make you and your child stand out from the crowd and you’ll be remembered for years to come by your child’s teacher. Come back and let us know what thoughtful teacher appreciation gift you decide to give your child’s teacher, we would be so excited to know! now head over to the forum to share your thoughts,  get advice or connect with other parents. See you soon 🙂

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