35 Healing Self-Love Quotes 

35 Healing Self-Love Quotes 

35 Healing Self-Love Quotes 

What is healing in self-love?

When we heal through self-love, we start to tune into our own needs and begin responding to them. This may include changing negative self-talk patterns, listening to when our body needs a break, and doing things that make us feel happy. We start to heal when we begin feeling less judgmental of ourselves, and more forgiving and accepting. By providing ourselves with the right environment, we begin to thrive and feel good about our lives. Here are some Healing Self Love Quotes created for you by the team at Earthimama. 

Healing Self-Love Quotes 

There is nothing more beautiful than when a pure-hearted soul finally realizes their worth

You are going to upset a lot of the wrong people and gain respect from a lot of the right people when you start speaking your truth

Someone’s inability to love you does not make you unloveable

Your authentic self is your most powerful self

When you replace negative self-talk with self-compassion, you level up twice as fast

A lot of healing is about releasing what was never a part of who you are

We must meet our most profound pain with compassion, especially when we find it hard to

You can’t heal in the place that broke you

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by having hope

You can love something and never want it back again

I am honest about my pain so that others can be honest about theirs too

It is for you to decide what type of energy you will allow into your life

Invest in your future by loving yourself in the present

Your body has its own pace, you just need to tune in and listen to it

Don’t allow the people to stay in your mind, who should never have had access to you in the first place

There is a child in you who needs to hear from you that she is enough

Don’t trade in your peace by overthinking something you never deserved to happen to you

You’ve spent enough time doing what others want you to do and it didn’t make you happy, it’s time to try doing what you want to do and see where it takes you

Your courage to heal will inspire others to heal too

You can miss something and still not allow it back into your life ever again

It’s going to feel really uncomfortable when you start to stand up for yourself while healing, keep doing it anyway

By nurturing who you are, you are gifting the world with your magic

If the sacrifice is to abandon your values, then the answer should be no

You must give a voice to that feeling inside that wants to be heard 

You didn’t deserve what happened to you, but you do deserve to heal

Some of the most incredible things happen after we realize our mistakes

You should never have been made to feel like you were doing something wrong, by asking for help

Our emotions reveal to us the places we need the most love

Your journey begins when you finally realize your value in this world

The best response to mistreatment is self-love

The greatest love is the journey of self-discovery

You can’t be abandoned if you show up for yourself

Love and accept yourself so that you never need to find approval anywhere else

You will attract people who treat you in ways you treat yourself

You won’t have time to worry about what other people think of you when you are so busy with self-development


Hopefully, you found something you can take away from these healing self-love quotes. Now head over to the forum to share your thoughts, get advice and connect with compassionate others!

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