You are currently viewing Affirmations For Finding Yourself And Healing Your Inner Child 

Affirmations For Finding Yourself And Healing Your Inner Child 

Affirmations For Finding Yourself And Healing Your Inner Child 


Affirmations for finding yourself and healing your inner child 

We can become disconnected from our authentic selves when our lives become demanding when we find ourselves in unhealthy friendships and relationships, and when we simply feel lost in life. However, all hope is not lost because we have the ability to rediscover our true selves, forge deeper connections, and reconnect with our inner child. It is indeed possible to nurture our inner child and cultivate profound connections with our most authentic selves, ultimately allowing us to lead lives that bring us joy and fulfillment


What does it mean to find yourself? 

Finding ourselves and creating ourselves is important for our emotional health. Research shows that the cognitive accessibility of traits that are thought to be characteristic of the true self relates to and enhances the experience of meaning in life. When people feel connected to their true selves this contributes to their well-being. To find yourself there are many things you can do like these tips from Harleytherapy.

Identify your core values 

Identify what energizes you

Let go of unhelpful beliefs 

Learn healthier thinking patterns 

Develop self-compassion 



Can affirmations help with finding yourself?

Affirmations have been shown to have a positive effect on people’s lives and behavior. One study showed that Self-affirmation interventions had the potential to become relatively simple methods for increasing physical activity levels. Not only this but other research shows that repeating self-affirmations causes changes in the brain region associated with self-processing. Therefore affirmations help us to feel motivated in our lives and most importantly to believe in ourselves. 


Affirmations for finding yourself and healing your inner child 


I can listen to my gut instinct and give it the validation it needs 


I am already successful by doing what I love 


I can do the things that help me enjoy the present moment 


What I care about is important


I respect my values above anything else 


I take the time to connect with myself 


I am patient with myself as I navigate the journey of self-discovery 


I trust that I have everything within me to find my path


I have all the resources I need to live an authentic life 


I am grateful for the lessons that come with finding myself 


I am grateful for the growth that comes with finding myself 


I let go of the past and embrace the present moment 


I honor my uniqueness 


I celebrate my individuality 


I give myself permission to change and evolve as I discover new parts about myself 


I let go of my past to allow my true self to appear 


I let go of self-doubt and self-blame and allow my inner child to come forward 


I am deserving of whole acceptance 


It’s safe to let go of pleasing others 


It’s always safe to be my authentic self 


I welcome new opportunities that align with my values


I am open to experiences that help me discover my true self 


I can trust my intuition for authentic guidance 


I release any labels or judgments that were blocking me from my authentic self 


I can take care of my inner child and listen to what he/she needs 


I was born worthy of love and acceptance 


I let go of any limiting beliefs that no longer serve me 


I release any habits of self-sabotage and replace them with self-compassion 


I choose to allow positivity and happiness into my life 


I honor and value all of my emotions, allowing myself to feel and process them fully 


I am worthy of receiving the love and support I need to heal and grow 


I deserve unconditional love 


I welcome the journey of discovering the depths of who I am 


I release the judgments and expectations placed upon who I should be 


I allow myself to explore my authentic self 


I give myself permission to freely explore my interests and talents 


I give myself permission to freely explore my passions and hobbies 


I let go of societal pressures and embrace my own path of finding my truest self 


I respect and honor my own needs and boundaries 


I show strength in being vulnerable and authentic with my thoughts and emotions 


It is safe for me to express my thoughts and feelings to others 


I am committed to developing self-awareness and gaining a deeper understanding of who I am


I trust in the process of self-discovery to lead me to a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment 


I love and accept myself fully 


I am committed to strengthening my connection with my authentic self 

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