24 thoughtful best friend gift ideas

24 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Best Friend She’ll Appreciate You For 

24 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Best Friend She’ll Appreciate You For 


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this post is all about thoughtful gift ideas for best friend. 


It’s your best friend’s birthday and you have no idea what to get her. You can’t think of anything she doesn’t have, and she tells you not to get her anything because your company is enough. 

But the thing is, you want to get her something!

You want her to know she is special, and you want to get her something that is actually useful or thoughtful. 

I got you. I thought long and hard about the things that best friends will really love to receive, and I’ve thrown a few quirky things in there too just to make sure she doesn’t receive anything too predictable or duplicated. So lets go. 


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24 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Best Friend


0.Why You’re My bestie book

This book idea is truly amazing. You fill in the blanks and create a book all about your bestie. She’s gonna, smile, laugh and cry reading this and you’ll love filling it out. 

fill in the blanks why you’re my bestie book from amazon


1.Vision board kit 

I love this gift idea because it’s not always easy to know where to begin, or how to get started with a vision board but this kit will take all of the pressure off and make it super easy for your best friend. 

Vision board kit from etsy


2.Pink Car cleaning kit

If your bestie has a car then she will really appreciate this useful car cleaning kit that is easy to carry around. And pink makes it even more special. 

Pink car cleaning kit from amazon 


3.Take a break parcel 

You could create a wellness hamper for her if you know what her favorite things are. or there is a beautiful one from etsy linked below with all of the things she will. need for her self-loving moment. 

Wellness hamper from etsy


4.Foldable Portable phone charger 

A portable phone charger is something you don’t always think to buy for yourself, so receiving this as a gift from your best friend is just a kind thought. 

Magnetic foldable charger from amazon


5.Ear plugs 

Give your friend the gift of noise reduction! maybe she works in a busy environment and could use them at break time? maybe she has children and could use this help when it’s too loud. To be honest I use mine even just to go shopping and it makes it a lot more enjoyable. 

Loop noise reduction earplugs from amazon


6.Food flask 

Everyone has a drink flask, but what about a food flask?! if your best friend is always on the go then she will love this food flask. Taking a stroll in the colder months with a flask of soup is unmatched. 

Thermos food flask from amazon


7.Donut mold 

Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t have until you have it. And yes, this donut mold is one of those things. There is something about your own sprinkled donuts that brightens your day. 

Donut mold from amazon


8.Personalised jumper 

A personalized gift says “You mean a lot to me” and this personalized jumper from etsy is a perfect example! I just love it and she will too. 

Customised embroidered jumper from etsy


9.Makeup organiser 

If your best friend is anything like me, then her makeup might be in random places, bags, and shelves. If so then she is going to be so thankful for a makeup organiser. 

Multifunctional makeup organiser from amazon


10.Wellbeing bundle 

I found this gorgeous wellbeing journal and mind cards bundle on etsy and I just cant keep it to myself. It’s gorgeous and a gift that will be received with so much gratitude. 

Wellbeing journal and mind cards from etsy


11.Foot spa

A foot spa that you can control with your toe? so that once you sit down you don’t have to move! a brilliant gift that screams I care about you. 

Toe touch controlled foot spa from amazon


12.Back massager 

I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love one of these. I actually just bought one for my dad to help him destress after work, so I am sure your best friend will love it too. 

Back massager from amazon


13.eco friendly self care kit

This eco-friendly self-care kit is lovely, and so gentle for the skin, comes with natural handmade soap, bamboo makeup remover pads, and an organic cotton laundry bag. Beautiful!

eco-friendly self care kit from etsy


14.Inspiring bucket list journal 

Do you have a bucket list you’d like to complete with your best friend? if so then this gift is a perfect gift from you to her. 

Bucketlist journal from amazon


15.Personalised gift hamper

A gift hamper is always an adorable gift, but make a gift hamper extra special by getting her a personalized one. 

Personalised gift hamper from etsy


16.Gooseneck phone holder stand 

This photo isn’t the best representation (please forgive) but a gooseneck phone holder is brilliant because it can be attached to any hard surface to be used. Your best friend could watch something while in the bath, cooking, or Facetiming you!

gooseneck phone holder from amazon


17.Handheld clothes steamer 

A handheld clothes steamer makes this job so quick and easy. A really useful gift she will appreciate. 

Varied colors handheld clothes steamer from amazon


18.Luxury food hamper

if your bestie loves food then she may love this luxury food hamper put together for you from etsy. There are some interesting gifts inside complete with a reusable basket.

Luxury food hamper from etsy


19.12 months of treats advent calender

I’m sorry but how ADORABLE is this gift idea? be right back, because I need to go and order one of these for myself for next year. Completely customizable and you can choose your color too!

12 months of treats calendar from etsy


20.Pottery kit for beginners 

Whether your friend is already a pottery lover, or she’s new to it, this is a lovely gift for her to try. The art of pottery is oftentimes described as therapeutic and relaxing

Pottery starter kit from etsy


21. Best friend customized portrait

Make your favorite photo of you and your bestie unique with this cutest line portrait from etsy, I love how sweet and stylish this would look on any wall. 

Best friend customised line portrait from etsy


22.Birthstone bracelet

A birthstone bracelet is a fantastic gift idea if she loves jewelry because it looks pretty and it is especially celebrating the month she graced the earth.

Beautiful personalised birthstone bracelet from etsy


23.Electric  food chopper 

Give her the gift of never having to chop her own food again and enough is already said, I rest my case. 

Electric food chopper from amazon


24.Label maker machine 

I love how fun and surprisingly useful this gift is. You never realize how many things you need to label until you have a label maker. 

Bluetooth label maker from amazon


This post was all about thoughtful best friend gift ideas, and now all that’s left to say is happy birthday to your bestie! 


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