You are currently viewing Sentimental Date ideas: Feel Closer Than Ever 

Sentimental Date ideas: Feel Closer Than Ever 

Sentimental Date ideas: Feel Closer Than Ever 


Sentimental Date ideas: Feel Closer Than Ever 


Everyone loves date night, but what if we want a bit more from date night? what if you want something a little more thoughtful and meaningful? well, then these sentimental date night ideas are going to give you just that. Your relationship deserves to be invested in, it deserves your full attention and you deserve it too. 


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1. Revisit a sentimental spot

If you have a place where you first met or a place with a special memory then revisit this for a sweet date.



2. Write down your favorite things to do, put them in a jar, and pull one out 

This is a lovely idea if you have trouble deciding on something



3. Meaningful conversation starter cards

I love prompts because they can lead to the most interesting and meaningful conversations



4. How well do you know me game

For a bit of fun have a quiz  all about each other and see how many questions you each get right



5. Do something for each other date 

This is a lovely one especially if your love language is acts of service



6. Self care delivery box 

If you fancy a night where you don’t need to leave your sofa, then have it completely organised and delivered to you. 



7. Go to a new class together 

Trying out a new class together is a wonderful bonding activity and you may find out new things about each other, taking your relationship to new depths.



8. Create a time capsule together 

This will be a meaningful activity to do together which you can enjoy looking back on in the future and seeing how far you come



9. Go rock hunting and/or shell hunting

Make your trip to the beach something special by finding old rocks and shells that you can keep (if your beach allows this, check your local laws). If you have a rock tumbler you can turn them into gemstones, or you can simply keep them for memories. 



10. Go house viewing or car viewing (for fun) 

Go and check out your future house home, or a car you dream of driving together, this night of being carefree together will make you feel great



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11. Go on a spontaneous road trip 

If you’re stuck in the same old routines of everyday life, then be spontaneous and go for a road trip somewhere random



12. Do something daring or competitive 

It can be so much fun to bring out each other’s playful side, some ideas:

Go karting

go ape

pub quiz

theme park

escape room ( or escape room board game




13. Go for a walk in nature and carve your initials into a tree 

Make your romantic stroll meaningful by carving your name into a tree, you can revisit this spot in the future if you remember where it is



14. Get in the water 

Being in the water makes us feel good, and it is a great mindful activity, great for bonding and quality time together. Head to the swimming pools, hot tub, or jacuzzi, play some water sports together or just run a bath



15. Play guess the food 

Use an eye mask and take turns guessing foods that your partner chooses for you, sensory activities are great for spending time together and putting the phone away



16. Explore a childhood interest or passion

We are our ,ost authentic selves when we are children so get to know each other even more by revisiting your childhood and doing a much-loved activity from childhood or learning more about something you were always interested in



 17. Create a relationship vision board together 

Everyone is talking about vision boards for personal goals, but what about a relationship vision board? What do you both share love for? what do you both strive for in your relationship and in life? what do you want to help build together?



18. Do a mindful activity together 

Sentimental time together means really being in the moment, forgetting about all other responsibilities and fully embracing each others company in the here and now. Some ideas:

Lego therapy


water painting


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