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Self-Care Box Ideas To Comfort And Recharge You




























































Self-Care Box Ideas To Comfort And Recharge You

This post is all about self-care box ideas!

Self-Care Box Ideas That Will Comfort You

What is a self-care box or a self-care hamper?

A self-care box is a basket or hamper full of things that bring you joy and comfort and are meaningful to you. The purpose of a self-care box is to be a toolbox of self-care for when you need it, this is why the things inside will be personal to you. A self-care box is a fantastic idea for when you need a safe space to always go to. It’ll help lift you when you’re feeling down and comfort you when you’re feeling anxious. 


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What to put in your self-care box

Items for self-care are going to be unique to you, so it is important to think about what you like and what matters to you. We have brought together all of our favorite self-care box ideas to help you put together one that is perfect for you. 

Self-Care Box Ideas That Will Comfort You


1. Photos

of anything that you love. This could be places or people. 


2. Pictures

of anything that you love. This could be from magazines or printed on the internet.. For example i love looking at photos of beautiful interior design and gorgeous nature photography


3. Positive or kind words

that people have said to you that will be a comforting reminder when you really need it 


4. Happy or sentimental memories

That will bring a smile on your face or make you laugh when you need it most


5. Song list

of songs that make you feel good when you need a pick me up 


6. List of inspiring podcasts

of people who inspire you when you need motivation 


7. Inspiring book

for the moments you feel like reading 


8. Face mask

for when you need pampering


9. Hair mask

for extra pampering


10. Comforting quotes

from people you look up to or quotes that are meaningful to you in times you need those reminders


11. Nature items

like rocks, pinecones, dried flowers, sand and water


12. Sensory items

like playdoh, magnets, colorful scarfs and blankets


13. fidget toys

like a stress ball


14. Journals and notepads.

You can find many different types of journals which include questions, prompts, and quotes to help guide you in journaling. 


15. Pens and pencils 

include all of your favourite types of pens and pencils for when you need to unwind with some writing, doodling or coloring 


16. Lego

Stash away a Lego project for when you need some lego therapy


17. Jigsaw

finda beautiful puzzle to s=put together for a mindful activity


18. Headphones

keep some headphones in your self care box so you can zone out of the business and into your own safe space


19. Affirmation cards

you can pull out a card at random for a self-love reminder


20. Snacks

Last but absolutely not least, store all of your favourite snacks for when you are taking much-deserved  “me” time. This could include dark chocolate and your favorite herbal tea. 


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