You are currently viewing Best Cozy Bedroom Ideas: Easy Tips To Create Calm

Best Cozy Bedroom Ideas: Easy Tips To Create Calm

Best Cozy Bedroom Ideas: Easy Tips To Create Calm

Best Cozy Bedroom Ideas: Easy Tips To Create Calm

This post is all about the best cozy bedroom idea!

I don’t think we know how much we need a room that provides us with comfort, warmth, and relaxation until we create and experience one. And when we do, we wonder how we coped so long without one.

If you aren’t sure how to create a cozy bedroom that suits you and make you feel relaxed, a good idea is to go and look around some interior design stores or browse on Pinterest at different ideas. Notice how different designs and colors make you feel. I like to take different ideas from different places that stand out to me and create something unique that brings it all together.

Be the designer of your cozy bedroom, and create a room that expresses your personality and how you want to feel. Because we are so passionate about well-being here, we have written this post bringing together some of the best ideas for a room that feels cozy, helps you to relax, and will be a place you can go to reenergize and fill up your emotional cup. 



1. Simplify

Before you do any decorating, an essential to accomplish a cozy bedroom is to declutter and simplify. This is going to make you feel refreshed, calm, and ready to relax. If you struggle with getting rid of things then look at each item and think about how much you use it and if it has a place in your room. You can also look at ways to store things so they’re out of sight such as vacuum storage bags. 


2. Earthy tones

The colors, shades, and tones that we surround ourselves with are going to impact how we feel. Research tells us that color can benefit our mental health. Earthy tones are directly linked to nature therefore using these in the bedroom where we want to create a peaceful environment is going to provide us with a place to recharge ourselves. You can add earthy tones to the walls, blinds/curtains, cushions, rugs, pictures, wallpaper, light shade etc. 


3. Pastel tones

Incorporating pastel tones into the bedroom is a fantastic idea if you want your bedroom to be a place that can uplift you. One study showed that 80% of Brits believed that colors in their homes had a positive effect on their mood and overall wellbeing. Further to this, a third of those said that pastel colors are most likely to make them feel joy and happiness.  You can add pastel tones to bedding, paintings, bedroom furniture, artwork, wallpaper, etc. 


3. Cosy fabrics

Fabrics are everything when it comes to a cozy bedroom. Fabrics like organic velvet, silk, boucle, organic cotton, chenille, suede, and wool are all beautiful options. Don’t be shy in layering them for extra comfort and coziness too. You can layer up your bed with throws, blankets, and cushions and add comfort fabrics for the windows, upholstery, and rugs. 


4. Nature 

Bringing nature into your bedroom will transform your atmosphere into a calming and nurturing sanctuary. According to Kinnarps, research confirms that elements of nature in indoor environments promote happiness, well-being, creativity, and productivity,  reduce stress, and improve recovery. Materials like raw wood, woven fabric, and rattan, plants (forest ocean ) will make you feel connected to nature while in your comfort space. 


5. Artwork

Artwork is a wonderful way to create a cozy room because our emotions and mood can be influenced by both art and the colors selected. It will be a lovely activity for you to browse and choose some artwork that brings you comfort and calm. You can think about artwork that expresses your personality or helps create the feeling in your bedroom that you desire. 


6. Patterns

Patterns are becoming popular again for bedrooms, and it’s no wonder when people are adopting a free spirit and expression of individuality mindset. Adding patterns to your room using wallpaper, bedspreads or photo frames are all great options. You can use patterns inspired by blue skies, the sea, or the forest to name a few. 


7. Ambient lighting

Warm soft lighting is best for a cosy bedroom like sunset shades or golden tones. Some of Dowsingandreynolds brilliant suggestions are to choose warm-colored light bulbs like “warm white”, use lamps on bedside tables or in a reading corner, fit a dimming switch to the room, choose warm temperature lightbulbs, and choose lower-wattage light bulbs. You can also add additional lighting like fairy lights which can be hung around headboards or frame pictures and mirrors. You can also use mood-boosting lighting like salt lamps which create a nice ambience and mood lamps which mimic natural lighting. 


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