You are currently viewing  Journal Questions To Get To Know Yourself On A Deeper Level

 Journal Questions To Get To Know Yourself On A Deeper Level

 Journal Questions To Get To Know Yourself On A Deeper Level



 Journal questions to get to know yourself on a deeper level


This post on journal questions to get to know yourself better is all about discovering our true unique selves. We can be so caught up with what we think we should do, what we think we shouldn’t do, how people might think of us, and how people expect us to be that our authenticity gets left in the dark. 

The problem with this? we never get to truly experience how fulfilled and wholesomely happy we can be. When we reconnect with ourselves on a deeper level we are going to be attracting the right people, places, and experiences into our lives. If you ever feel lost, go back to yourself, and ask yourself the important questions; What do I care about? what moves me? what do I enjoy working towards?

On the other hand, Research shows us that that when we see ourselves clearly, we are more confident and creative, make beter decisions,  build better relationships and communicate better. the questions below are perfect for your journal time, they’ll hopefully get your mind wandering into the depths of who you are and remind you just how wonderful it is to be you. 


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Journal Questions to get to know yourself better


 Journal Questions To Get To Know Yourself On A Deeper Level

If I felt like no one was judging me, what would I choose to talk about?


What would I enjoy doing if I felt supported in it?

How would I describe the perfect friend? how do they treat me? what do we have in common?

What brings me comfort? (for example sounds, music, places, memories, activities)

If I felt like time wasn’t a problem, how would I choose to spend my day?

If I felt like there were no external expectations, what would I love to work as?

Thinking of a time when I’m feeling nervous or unsure about something if I imagine someone sitting next to me- what things would I need them to say to reassure and encourage me?

What is my favorite scent/s?

What am I doing when I lose track of time?

What characteristics make me feel at ease around someone?

What are the most important things to me in a relationship?

If you could recreate your life, what would that look like? Where would you be, who would you be around, how would you feel?

If you could reparent yourself as a child, what would you say to that child every day?

What is the easiest way I find to express who I truly am?

If I was never worried about “fitting in” what would my biggest values be?

What was the last thing that made me laugh?

What do I wish I could do if I wasn’t afraid to?

Who were your heroes as a child?

Who are your heroes now? What about them inspires you? What qualities do they have?

Has there been a time when you wish you took a stand? What was it about? what held you back?

What activities are you involved with when you feel your best?

What do I wish people would notice about me?

If I felt safe enough to be vulnerable, what would I open up about?

What do I wish I could educate others on?

What would I like to bring more awareness about?

What would I do for myself if I felt like I deserved it?

What makes me feel ashamed? , ask your response – what would it mean about me if that was true? (Now you have found a belief about yourself that you can change)

What signals does my body give me to let me know I’ve had enough and need to take a break?

What would my environment look like if it reflected me?

What characteristics in a person do I find inspiring?

What activities do I enjoy the actual process of doing ?

What item from my childhood do I wish I could rediscover? Why?


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