You are currently viewing That Girl Quotes To Live By In Your Healing Girl Era

That Girl Quotes To Live By In Your Healing Girl Era


That Girl Quotes To Live By In Your Healing Girl Era

That Girl Quotes To Live By In Your Healing Girl Era

You may have stepped into your that girl era or healing girl era if you are starting to feel like all you really wanna focus on is living the happiest and healthiest version of yourself. You want to feel good, glow, and feel motivated to reach your goals. And, you want to do it for one person; you. 


You might be learning how to set better boundaries, going after your dreams, and really starting to see how it truly feels to sincerely believe in yourself, take good care of yourself, and nurture who you are on a deeper level.


There is something so magical about the power of words. They can set you up for a good day, they can comfort you during difficult times and they can remind you of who you are and what you care about when you feel lost. Let’s put “that girl” energy and positive words together to fully encourage and empower us in our healing girl era. 


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That Girl Quotes To Live By In Your Healing Girl Era

That Girl Quotes To Live By In Your Healing Girl Era


People who focus on ideas instead of gossip are vibrating at a whole other level 



Self-belief is your superpower 



The secret to having everything you dream of is knowing that it’s already yours 



You’re going to upset a lot of the wrong people when you start standing up for yourself. Keep doing it anyway 



The secret isn’t as simple as being consistent, it’s to find something you want to be consistent about 



Picture your younger self. Take her hand, tell her “I got you, I’m gonna take care of you, and I’m gonna make you so proud” 



Self-worth is the most beautiful thing you can ever wear



All of your hopes and dreams want you as much as you want them 



You are completely aligned with yourself when your emotions, thoughts, words, and actions are in sync 



Your inner reality becomes your outer reality 



Portraying the perfect life will never make you perfect, but being real will always make you real 



You make this world a better place by being completely you 



Apologize to you, for not giving yourself what you always deserved, and then make the promise to forever give yourself, from this day forward, everything you deserve 



If it brings you joy, peace, or inspiration then it deserves your energy 



She’s busy, chasing her dreams



Self-love feels uncomfortable before it feels empowering 



The universe will start to really see you when you start to really see yourself 



You get to decide what energy you will and will  not allow in



She thought she lost everything, but what she really lost was all that was dragging her down 



She finally discovered the only power she needed to listen to was her inner guidance 



You gotta start the chapter where you become your own inspiration, and you will inspire all of your readers 



At any point, you can decide, that you are going to be the hero of your own story 



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