You are currently viewing Self-Compassion Quotes You Needed To Hear Growing Up

Self-Compassion Quotes You Needed To Hear Growing Up

Self-Compassion Quotes You Needed To Hear Growing Up

Self-Compassion Quotes You Needed To Hear Growing Up

Self-compassion quotes can help you in your journey to bringing more self-compassion into your life. Don’t let the people who let you down and hurt you stop you from true happiness, don’t let them create the reality that you don’t deserve the life you dream of, and that you aren’t worthy of unconditional love and care. Be brave enough to live the life you would be living if you grew up with supportive people around you who were uplifting, nurturing, and encouraging you. 

Be gentle with yourself, if you’re not feeling great, ask yourself “What do I need?” If you feel something in your gut, listen to it. If you’re feeling strong emotions, sit with them and ask them what they’re telling you. Speak to yourself kindly when you’re having a tough time, and celebrate everything you are proud of, Ultimately look after yourself now the way you would if you were your own parent.


Self-Compassion Quotes


Those who abandon you in your darkness don’t deserve your light


Who you truly are is far greater and more powerful than someone’s expectation of who you should be


Your gut instinct is far smarter than anyone else’s opinion


Success starts with the dream that makes you fearless


No one knows what you need better than yourself


Your most authentic self is magnetic


You don’t have to prove your worth to anyone, they need to prove that they see it


Always change your environment, never yourself


Your emotions are there to guide you, don’t let anyone dismiss them


Self-love and authenticity is what make you beautiful 


Being a kind person does not mean being kind to others while being unkind to yourself


Your boundaries are there to protect your heart


No one gets to choose your boundaries but yourself


Your mistakes are as valuable as your success, celebrate all of it


Crying is a healthy part of life and makes you stronger


All of your feelings are okay, and you have the power to decide your best actions


You don’t have to overwork yourself to be worthy, you already are


Whatever sparks your soul is what you should spend your time doing


Your individual needs will be different from others, and they are just as important


Your thoughts are valuable, your views are important and your voice should be heard


Real love is when someone sees you, cares for your needs, and shows up consistently


There will be times when you’re tired, there will be times you don’t know the answers. This is when you need extra self-compassion, not self-criticism


Don’t let people tell you who you are, instead tell them who you are and let them decide if they want to support it or not. You will find your people


The things that make you unique are the things that will make you shine around the right people


It is within you to turn your dreams into reality


Success is what happens when your dreams meet your fearlessness


People’s disrespect towards you is nothing about you and all about them


People who treat you badly do so because of how they feel inside, send them healing and leave


Never apologize for protecting your energy


Disagreeing does NOT make you a difficult person, it just makes you difficult to manipulate


Your anger cares about you, you don’t always need to act on it but you do need to listen to it


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