You are currently viewing Best Baby Keepsake Box Ideas: Sentimental 

Best Baby Keepsake Box Ideas: Sentimental 

Best Baby Keepsake Box Ideas: Sentimental 

Best Baby Keepsake Box Ideas: Sentimental 

Wanting to put together a keepsake box for your baby, or a memory box for your baby? How completely wonderful! This is a truly magical task to set yourself. With all of the other tasks you have like feeding your baby, washing endless piles of cute clothes and staying up late at night till they fall asleep, making a memory box should be an enjoyable one! and this is exactly what we are here to help you with. I write this as my second baby is approaching her second birthday. I haven’t yet put together a baby keepsake box for her, so I thought I would start by sharing all of the loveliest ideas that I can come up with, with you. 

When I look back at my firstborn baby’s younger years (he’s now 11!) The things that are most enjoyable to remember the happiest times, the funniest times, and the times when you wish you could stay in that moment forever. When you are in the actual moment, you don’t always realise how much you will enjoy looking back at it so here are some ideas to help you relive those moments endlessly!


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  1. Choosing the right clothes

Best Baby Keepsake Box Ideas: Sentimental 

I find it really hard not to keep all of the baby clothes, each one seems to smell just like they did as a baby and you just want to capture that smell that reminds you of snuggling up with your babe and forgetting the time, forever. Unfortunately, I needed to find a way to narrow it down so I am giving you my best ideas for choosing the best clothes. With the other, you can organize them into piles of bundles for sale and bundles to donate. Let’s take a look at these best ideas for keepsake baby clothes. This will surely bring back floods of heartwarming memories when you open the box in the future. 


Hospital Outfit

Special occasions

Special memories

Named Clothing

Clothes that both or all of your children wore

Personalised towel or blanket

One of your or your partner’s baby clothes that you passed down to your baby#

Handmade clothing


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2. Choosing the right items

Best Baby Keepsake Box Ideas: Sentimental 

It’s no secret that once you have a baby, the house becomes invaded by baby items and baby toys! So how is it possible to find just a few items to fit into the memory box? I have some great ideas for you, and this will help you decide so that you and your baby have lovely memories to look back on, and also you can get your home clutter-free ( or more likely make space for new toys to take over your living room!). 


The first gift you bought your baby

A gift you bought your baby while pregnant

A personalised gift

The first toy they ever grasped/smiled at/laughed at

Baby’s first Christmas decoration

Souvenirs from places you visited with your baby

A special gift you’d like your baby to have in the future


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3. Capturing the moment

Best Baby Keepsake Box Ideas: Sentimental 

There are some moments you just wish could last forever. Although that’s not possible, we can capture moments in other ways, consider these clever ideas to help you hold onto these special times for years to come. 


Polaroid pictures


Handprint or footprint

A toy that records their voice

Family photo 

Tickets to places you visited


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4. Love letter

Best Baby Keepsake Box Ideas: Sentimental 

The first few years of your baby’s life is filled with so many emotions, some that can only be expressed by the good old fashioned putting pen to paper. Write your baby a love letter for you both to reminisce on one day. There are many ways you can do this and many things you can include so take a look at these ideas for your inspiration.


Write a love letter during your pregnancy

Write a letter each time they turn 1 month

Write a letter on their birthday

Talk about the things that make them unique

Talk about how you feel about them

Write a letter to inspire your child in the future

Write about cute or funny moments you want to remember

How you come up with their name


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5. Family and Friends

Best Baby Keepsake Box Ideas: Sentimental 

It’s wonderful to bring a baby into a family full of people who already love and cherish them. So let your little one know just how much love surrounds them by including items from family and friends in their keepsake box. 


Birth cards from family and friends

Photos of family and friends meeting your baby

First birthday cards from family and friends

Gift tags

Ask your special family and friends to write a note to add to your keepsake box

Special things your friends and family have said about your baby



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