You are currently viewing 10 Sentimental Gender Reveal Ideas To Bring Tears

10 Sentimental Gender Reveal Ideas To Bring Tears

10 Sentimental Gender Reveal Ideas To Bring Tears


10 Sentimental Gender Reveal Ideas To Bring Tears


Gender reveals bring so much fun and excitement. But we want to do something a bit special. We don’t just want to celebrate finding out if we’re having a boy or a girl, we want to actually celebrate our little boy or girl, and celebrate that we’ve just found out a bit more about our little bundle. So we’ve created a list of sentimental gender reveal ideas. 


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Should you have a gender reveal?

Whether you have a gender reveal or not is completely up to you. It is all about how you feel and what you want to do. For some people they may not even want to find out what the gender is, in that case you can celebrate your baby in what ever way feels right for you family. Some people like to find out the gender because it makes them feel like they can connect even more to their  baby knowing a little bit more about them. I personally think a gender reveal is just lovely way to celebrate your baby and to get everyone you love together. It doesn’t matter if its blue, pink, green or orange! Whsat matters is that you are really soaking in your pregnancy and looking forward to meeting your precious one. 

How do you do a gender reveal?

There are many ways to do a gender reveal. The best way to do one for your family is to think about what works best for your family. For example, do you all love to laugh and joke? in that case, maybe gender reveal games would be great. Do you love big celebrations? If so then maybe you could pop a gender reveal balloon and have a big party. If you have a family who love something a little more sentimental then this post will be perfect for you. So let’s take a look at 10 sentimental gender reveal ideas


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Sentimental Gender Reveal Ideas To Bring Tears


  1. Valuable Locket necklace

Find a beautiful locket necklace and have someone put either pink or blue inside, son or daughter, or girl or boy. Not only will you have a lovely surprise when opening your locket necklace, but you’ll also be able to keep this memory forever. Or perhaps you want to announce your gender to certain people and this would be a perfect way. You could place “granddaughter” or “grandson” inside for example. 


2. Boy mom/girl mom and boy dad/girl dad top

10 Sentimental Gender Reveal Ideas To Bring Tears

You and your partner could wear a top that says boy mum or girl dad and wear a jumper over the top or jacket. Wait for the moment until you’re ready to reveal to everyone. This personal touch already makes your baby feel so much closer to you by wearing your new special title. 

Some tops we found for you:

Boy mama

Raising girls

Dad of boys

Girl dad


3. Clue is in the song!

10 Sentimental Gender Reveal Ideas To Bring Tears

Play a song that has a clue in it, for example, a song that has the word girl in it or boy in it. Or a song written for a baby boy or baby girl. Gather all of your guests around and tell them to look for the clue in the song. Using music is going to make your gender reveal a beautiful experience.Here are some songs written for sons. And here are some songs written for daughters. Or maybe you already have a song in mind that captures the perfect feeling for your reveal. 



4. Guests unwrap a sweet gift

10 Sentimental Gender Reveal Ideas To Bring Tears

Have all of your guests unwrap a small gift that says “we are having a son/ daughter” Using the word son or daughter makes it so much more special and personal than boy or girl. Your guests will also have fun getting involved and unwrapping something. You could also have “you are having a grandson or granddaughter/ niece/nephew to make it feel special and real for your guests. 


5. Sentimental Short film

10 Sentimental Gender Reveal Ideas To Bring Tears

Play a short film to your guests about your journey together as a couple, and wider family. For example, you could include cute and funny pictures from your wedding, birthdays, and holidays.  Everyone will be feeling a special and happy atmosphere. Then at the end add your gender reveal for a perfect surprise. 


6. Get everyone involved in guessing

10 Sentimental Gender Reveal Ideas To Bring Tears

Have your guests involved in the gender reveal by guessing what they think for themselves, these cute “I love you” wristbands can help people to choose whether they think boy or girl?  


7. Baby’s Name or “names we love but won’t be using”

10 Sentimental Gender Reveal Ideas To Bring Tears

Make the reveal super sweet by revealing your baby’s name at the same time. You could have their name on the wall with decorations until you’re ready to uncover the display as a big reveal. Or if you’re wanting to keep their name for announcing after birth then you could reveal “names you love but won’t be using” as these will either be boy or girl names but it will also add extra fun to the reveal. Sharing this with your loved ones as your gender reveal would be so cute and unique. 


8. Special Homemade card

10 Sentimental Gender Reveal Ideas To Bring Tears


If you aren’t going to be announcing your baby’s gender face to face then a homemade card is a beautiful way to announce the gender. This can be given to as little or as many people as you like. Yould either make your own cards if you love to be cutesy crafty, or you could purchase some.

Here are some sweet cards we found for you:

“Just a little note to say” card

Personalized scratch reveal card

“We have a surprise for you” card

Boy or girl card with either a blue or pink bow


9. Touching Quote

10 Sentimental Gender Reveal Ideas To Bring Tears

If you want to announce your baby’s gender through social media then using a sentimental quote is a cute touch. You could photograph you both together or a picture of your scan with a display and have a quote either in the picture or as a caption. 

Some quotes to inspire you: 

” With hearts full of love, and eyes full of tears, we’re over the moon to announce the gender of our baby is..”

“A treasure awaits, a daughter/son will soon fill our hearts with love and home with laughter”

“In this moment, dreams come true, a little princess/prince is on their way to our family”


10. Photograph of yourself as a baby

10 Sentimental Gender Reveal Ideas To Bring Tears

Get a photograph of yourself as a baby, maybe you could use a photograph of you or your partner depending on if you’re having a boy or girl, and use the photo as the reveal. Tell your guests what to expect and they have to guess who the picture is of to find out the gender. If someone is revealing the gender to you and your partner then have them find a cute baby photo of you. Your faces will light up as you picture a baby who may look just like you in the photo! 

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