25 Single Parent Quotes And Affirmations

25 Single Parent Quotes And Affirmations

If you are a single parent, then I know that you feel like you’re on a treadmill that you have no option to get off of, right? There is no one there when you’re overwhelmed and you need to take 5 minutes out. There’s no one coming home at the end of the day so you finally have an adult to talk to. As much as we ADORE our children, and love being their parents. We need to fill ourselves up too. I’m not going to normalise it by saying “you can do it alone” because no one should have to. So, here I want to share with you 25 single parent quotes and affirmations because being a single parent doesn’t mean you should struggle by yourself, you can make new connections and develop support networks with people whose values align with yours. Start by believing in yourself and knowing that you and your children deserve a wholesome and happy life.

Why affirmations?

Affirmations help us to change our negative thought patterns and turn them into positive thought patterns. Thinking patterns are just like learning any new skill,  the more we practice this little and often, the stronger it becomes!


25 Affirmations For Single Parents

25 Single Parent Quotes And Affirmations

The past and the future will not stop me from enjoying myself now

I can advocate for myself and my children

I trust my motherly/fatherly instincts

I can miss the past and look forward to the future

I deserve to take care of myself

What is for me, will always be for me

I am whole

Every small step is progress

Rest is just as crucial as completing tasks

I choose self love over self criticism

I will only allow in positive energy 

I can say no when I need to

I respect myself

I love who I am becoming

It’s ok for others to be wrong about me

I forgive myself when I get it wrong

I am proud of the mother/father I am

It’s ok not to know it all

Being authentic to myself is a priority

Difficult moments will pass

Good times will come to me & my family

I can be patient with myself

I believe in myself

I choose happiness

I am building the life I love


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