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Relationship Breakup Quotes To Bring You Comfort

Relationship Breakup Quotes To Bring You Comfort


Relationship Breakup Quotes To Bring You Comfort

Are you going through a breakup right now? If so then I am sending you love and light. This is when you need to surround yourself with positivity and comfort from people who care about you, and most importantly, your self-compassion. The beginning of a relationship feels like such a whirlwind of love and excitement, it brings hope for the future and it feels like every day you pour so much into each other. So it’s no wonder when this comes to an end that it feels so devastating. We’ve created relationship breakup quotes with our own experiences in mind, in order to bring you some comfort. 

Although you will inevitably feel a lot of difficult emotions to process, there will be times when you feel happiness and joy, and its really important to hold onto these moments. There are also many things you can do to help you not only get through this breakup but also grow and benefit from it. Lets take a look at some of the things we can do:

Tips for getting through a breakup

Journal your thoughts and emotions as they come to you

Reconnect to yourself (goals, passions, comforts)

Be around caring people

Take it day by day (sometimes moment by moment)

Process emotions as they come (for example if you’re feeling anger go for a run)

write out a routine to break the day up

make plans to look ahead to

schedule nice things throughout the day to look forward to


New University of Hampshire discusses important questions to ask yourself after a breakup and when you feel ready.  This is important because instead of jumping straight into another relationship to avoid some of the pain, you will be able to properly heal and reflect on your relationship, this will allow you to grow as a person and find a really nurturing wholesome relationship in the future. 

Questions to ask yourself once you’re over a breakup

Do you notice a pattern in the characteristics of the people you end up with?

How do you react to and deal with stress and conflict within the relationship?

How open are you to accepting others for who they are rather than an ideal?

Do you change who you are to be in relationships?

Do you feel in control of your emotions?

Do you find it easy to clearly communicate your wants and needs?

Do you think there is anything you could have contributed to any of the problems within the relationship?


These questions are beneficial because as Psychcentral explains, some of the key aspects to a thriving relationship are nurturing your bond every day, being present, effective communication, reasonable expectations, honesty, and self care. 


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Relationship Breakup Quotes

Relationship Breakup Quotes To Bring You Comfort


It’s not that you weren’t good enough for them, it was that they didn’t deserve you


There is so much power in accepting what has been, embracing what is, and looking forward to what will be


Getting out of a horrible relationship is not only good for the mind but it is also good for the soul. – Simon Wash


You never really lose anything when you lose a relationship, because all of that magic has always been inside you


It’s okay to feel sad and heartbroken and still never want the relationship back again


You don’t lose something that wasn’t right for you in the first place, you release it


With the end of one chapter, comes the beginning of another


“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” – Marilyn Monroe


Your worth is not defined by another person’s inability to see it


Sometimes letting go means gaining freedom


The only way to respond to heartbreak is with more self-love than ever before


Feeling positive about your breakup  isn’t a terrible thing. Never feel bad for making the right decision. – Thomas Shields


Accept your thoughts and emotions like beautiful waves in the ocean, let them come when they need to and go when they’re ready 


There is something so freeing about letting go of situations that we cannot control


If it’s meant to be then it will be, if it’s not then you will discover what is meant to be


Some seasons in life are dedicated to building our relationship with ourselves


This may feel like the end of your love story, but wait till you read your next book


There is no greater comeback than becoming an even more empowered version of yourself



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I hope these relationship breakup quotes bring you comfort during this difficult time. They are for your inspiration to accept what has been, embrace what is and look forward to the future. Protect your unique energy always!

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