30 Pregnancy Announcement Game Night Ideas You'll All Enjoy

30 Pregnancy Announcement Game Night Ideas You’ll All Enjoy

30 Pregnancy Announcement Game Night Ideas You’ll All Enjoy


30 Pregnancy Announcement Game Night Ideas You'll All Enjoy


Game nights are a fantastic way to announce your pregnancy to your loved family and friends. You are going to be making it a night to remember with fun, laughter, and tears. If you are looking for ways to tell your family you’re pregnant, and ways to tell your friends you’re pregnant then these Pregnancy Announcement Game Night Ideas are going to give a unique twist. Pregnancy brings many opportunities to celebrate, including pregnancy announcements, baby showers, and gender reveals! Cheers to your growing family and to many happy memories to come.

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Pregnancy Announcement Game Night Ideas


  1. Puzzle

First, select a cute message or a photo. Then you could either make your own puzzle and divide the pieces up or you could order one online like this wooden pregnancy announcement puzzle


2. Hangman

Allow a few other players to go first to get into the game. Then choose a phrase that reveals your news. It could be longer to make it obvious or a more simple one. Have everyone guess a letter till someone guesses your news!


3. Quiz

Decide whether you want to create a written quiz like multiple choices or a verbal quiz where you shout out answers. Create questions for your quiz, these could have some hints in them, or they could be about your relationship and who knows you best. You could add a final question that will reveal the news when they get the answer. Either print them out or you could do a slideshow. 


4. Crossword

Create your own crossword with hints about your pregnancy, or maybe all of the answers could add up to a phrase. Watch as everyone learns of the exciting news individually. 


5. Read my lips

People need to cover their ears for this one, or they could have some earphones in listening to music. Mouth the announcement and then the other players need to guess the wonderful surprise. 


6. Pass the parcel

Wrap up an item that relates to your announcement, and then add more items and a layer of wrapping paper. Have everyone gather round to play pass the parcel and the final person will reveal the surprise! 


7. Scratch reveal cards

Take a look at these beautiful scratch reveal cards. You could get one for each guest and have them open them at the same time revealing your lovely news. 


8. Changing heat mug

Why don’t you treat your guests to a nice cup of tea or coffee and a wonderful surprise? These pregnancy announcement heat-changing mugs are perfect for a game night family gathering. You could add a photo to this mug here, like a scan photo. Or you could add text to this mug here


9. Three Truths and a Lie

Take turns sharing 4 statements, three of which are true and one is false. When it’s your turn add in your announcement and capture everyone’s reactions when they realise is it in fact a true statement!


10. Pop balloons

Blow up some balloons and pop in your pregnancy announcement before tying them up. You could also do this with water balloons and laminate the paper to make it waterproof. Have a popping balloons competition to find the hidden message or have a water balloon fight for lots of fun. 


11. Word search

Create your very own pregnancy announcement word search,. You could place clues in there or a number of words that make up a phrase altogether. 


12. Prizes as clues

Maybe you prefer to have a range of different family games and just cant decide on one to give away the news. In this case, you could gather some prizes which allude to the pregnancy announcement. 


13. Photo booth

Create a really fun photo booth and use these baby-theme prompts. Not only will your guests be pleasantly surprised but you’ll also have the raw reaction as a keepsake memory for always. 


14. Hook a duck

Play the game “Hook a duck” and place the announcement on the bottom of the duck. You could put the announcement on oknly one of the ducks and tell your guests the winner finds the hidden message.


15. Reveal wall

Why don’t you create a beautiful and aesthetic display on the wall for your pregnancy announcement and hide it behind a large sheet? Enjoy your game night and let all of your guests know that at a specific time, you’ll be revealing your wonderful surprise. What a great moment to experience all together, get out the cameras and hankies!


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16. Talent show

Do your guests love performing? If so then this is perfect for you. Everyone can plan a talent performance. This is where you can get creative by yourself or with your partner and reveal your pregnancy in a creative way. Do you like to write songs or play an instrument? Maybe you love putting together a magic show where you can pull a rabbit out of a hat with a baby one too. 


17. Crafting competition

Get creating as a pregnancy announcement. Maybe everyone can build Lego ornaments in which you could build a baby crib. Perhaps you could get out the paint and write your announcement in lovely colors. 


18. Taboo

Prepare the cards with pregnancy-related words, and explain the rules to your participants. In this game, players describe a given word without saying specific “taboo” words. Your family and friends will absolutely not expect your special announcement!


19. Telestrations

In illustrations, players take turns drawing a given word or phrase and passing their drawing to the next person, who then guesses what it represents. This is a great way to incorporate your pregnancy announcement into your game night for lots of fun. 


20. Pictionary

Select a category or theme for each round, each player then draws without using words. Wait till it’s your turn and find a creative way to make your announcement like the famous “bun in the oven”. Wait till your guests guess and capture their reactions with a video or photo. 


21. Never have I ever

This is a popular party game and makes for the top 10 fantastic pregnancy announcement game night ideas. Each player makes a statement such as “Never have i ever been pregnant” You then can decide on hand signals which indicate whether players have or have not done that statement. This never have i ever game here will give your players prompts, but don’t forget to add in your own custom surprise statement. 


22. Lucky dip

Create your own lucky dip game where you add your own pregnancy announcement-related gifts. Find a suitable container and wrap each prize individually. 


23. Guess the sound (heartbeat)

You could play the Guess the Sound game with your guests by playing different sounds. Lastly, make the announcement really special by playing a recording of your baby’s heartbeat and seeing everyone’s faces well up with tears when they realize it isn’t a train or a horse trot!


24. Chinese whispers

Gather everyone around, and start off with some totally unrelated phrases to throw everyone off. Then begin with a phrase of your choosing that announces your news. Pass the message along and watch as each player begins to realize what the phrase is. The last person says the news out loud! They may even get the phrase slightly wrong which will add to the fun. 


25. Secret Santa

If your announcement falls around Christmas this would be a good way to add Secret Santa to your announcement. Assign everyone a gift recipient before the party. For your recipient, you could get them a gift from the baby like an “Aunt to be” top.  


26. Raffle

You could do a regular raffle but add a baby-inspired theme to it, or simply add a beautiful gift tag that announces your news to each winner of a raffle prize!


27. Scratch card

These pregnancy announcement scratch cards are a fantastic way to gather your guests together for a fun pregnancy announcement. Wait and watch in delight as they scratch to reveal the exciting news. 


28. Card game

A card game is a brilliant way to get all of your guests engaged and listening before you tell them your precious news. You could incorporate the message into pretty much any card game, but I like UNO because not only is it a really fun game with as many or few players as you like, but it comes with some blank cards for you to write on. So add your message onto the blank cards and wait for the lucky player to get the special card!


29. Charades

Gather everyone around, let the game flow for a bit to get everyone enjoying the atmosphere then decide what phrase you are going to act out. Alternatively, you could create cards with clues on them for other players to act out till someone gets it!


30. Scavenger hunt

Choose a good location, maybe your home or a nearby park. Create a series of clues that will lead everyone from one place to another. Add pregnancy-related hints if you like, or you could just make the final clue the big announcement with a tell-all item or a decorated surprise area. 


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Come back and let us know if you decide to go for any of these Pregnancy Announcement Game Night Ideas. We love to hear your stories! See you soon. 

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