You are currently viewing 10 Ways To Tell Your Partner You’re Pregnant To Make Them Laugh

10 Ways To Tell Your Partner You’re Pregnant To Make Them Laugh

10 Ways To Tell Your Partner You’re Pregnant To Make Them Laugh

10 ways to tell your partner you’re pregnant to make them laugh

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Expecting? Congratulations! I am so happy for you! Now comes so much fun. Once you have given yourself a chance to process this wonderful news, you’ll be bursting with the excitement of ways to tell your partner you’re pregnant. Are you the kind of couple to joke about a lot? if so then you can find the perfect idea for your relationship here. Plus laughing can help ease the nerves that come with this exciting journey. 

How Do You Announce You Are Pregnant To Your Partner?

You may wonder “How can I tell my partner I am pregnant?”. Telling your partner about your special news can be an exciting and nervous event. It is important that you choose a way that feels right for you and feels right for your relationship. Everyone is completely different and you will find a way that feels perfect for you and your partner.

Some steps to telling your partner are 1. Choose the right time, place, and atmosphere. 2. Consider what would best suit your partner’s personality. Does your partner like big surprises? do they prefer a more sentimental moment to share the news? Would they appreciate a funny and creative announcement? Finally, it is important to be prepared for different reactions and to remember that you will both experiences a range of emotions. Listening, problem-solving, and acceptance can keep relationships healthy during pregnancy. These moments don’t come around too often so make the most of it in a way that is right for you. 

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Ways To Tell Your Partner You’re Pregnant To Make Them Laugh

1. Play Charades

Charades is already a ridiculously funny game to play. Begin with some random phrases to bring on the giggles. Then wait for the perfect time to act out that you are expecting. You could make it less obvious by acting out things such as putting a bun in the oven, or tapping your wrist to signify “expecting”.

2. Funny T-shirt

You could get your partner a T-shirt with a funny quote on it. Wrap it up and give it to them as a present. You can customize this one to say anything you like. 


  • “Dad jokes en route”
  • You can’t scare me, I’m about to be a parent”
  • “My favorite child gave me this shirt”

3. Funny cake

Get a cake personalized with a funny picture of you both, with the news “we’re pregnant” added for both tears and laughs. 

4. Hide the pregnancy test 

Hide the test somewhere your partner is likely to look and not expect it, like in the coffee cupboard or the bathroom cabinet. They are bound to let out a gasp and a giggle when they go to make a coffee or brush their teeth and are met with a positive pregnancy test.

5. Pop a balloon

Write the news on a small piece of paper and put it into a balloon, get your partner to pop the balloon and find the message inside. 

6. Wrap up a funny gift

Wrap up a silly gift such as a packet of newborn nappies or this dad jokes book. Your significant other may think it’s a totally silly and random gift, till they figure out they are actually going to need them in 9 months (let’s hope they don’t use the dad jokes too much).

7. Get some finger paint and write a message on your belly

You could get some nontoxic finger paint and write a funny announcement on your belly. Or draw a picture if you’re a bit of an artist.


  • “Coming soon”
  • “Loading”

8. Big brother or big sister accessory for your pet

Are you pet lovers? If you have a pet then getting them a  “big brother” or “big sister” pet accessory is a great idea. You can pretty much get anything personalised today so get as silly and creative as you can. These dog bandanas have a brilliant message!


  • Blanket
  • Photo frame
  • Towel
  • Stone/Pebble
  • Toy storage basket

9. Funny baby outfit

So we all know cute little baby outfits are adorable. But if your partner is quite the jokester then beat them at their game with a funny baby outfit like this one. Or you could even create a homemade one. 


  • Halloween outfit
  • Vest with a funny slogan or quote
  • Top with a funny picture on it

10. Promoted to “parent”

You could get them a sign that says something like “promoted to dad” or “dads taxi” Or you could do a homemade certificate with “congratulations on being a mum-to-be” This is a totally cute way to have some giggles about your big news. 



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