You are currently viewing 50 Parenting Quotes: Heartfelt and Validating

50 Parenting Quotes: Heartfelt and Validating

50 Parenting Quotes: Heartfelt and Validating

50 Parenting Quotes: Heartfelt and Validating

This page includes:

  1. Coparenting quotes
  2. Single parenting quotes
  3. Parental burnout quotes
  4. New mom quotes
  5. Mothers day quotes

Sometimes it’s hard to put into words how being a parent feels. It comes with some of the hardest moments of your life, and some of the most special moments too. At earthimama we believe that validating the hard moments and celebrating the enjoyable moments are equally important. If we can express parenthood in its raw truth, then we hope that parents all around the world can feel less alone. Here are some heartfelt parenting quotes to help.

Co-parenting quotes

  • Co-parenting is a chance to model healthy conflict resolution for the sake of your children. 
  • Co-parenting isn’t about competing, it’s about collaborating.
  • Successful Coparenting takes empathy, consistency, and the ability to stay humble 
  • Co-parenting takes two people who are willing to let go of the past and focus on the future 
  • We both chose our child, so our child should be able to choose both of us 
  • Let’s show our children what commitment, dedication and a growth mindset look like
  • You’ll never regret Coparenting with integrity 
  • Children didn’t choose to be Coparented, so it is about meeting the needs of the child, not the child meeting the needs of the parents 
  • Co-parenting is a chance to show your children that love and respect are greater than any challenge life throws at you 
  • Always remain respectful of the other parent. Because when you disrespect your child’s other parent, you are disrespecting 50% of your child


Single parenting quotes 


  • Single parenting is when you shouldn’t have to carry on alone, so your heart continues to carry you 
  • Single parenting is hard, but not as hard as being with the wrong person
  • It’s ok to not be ok when you’re a single parent, let’s not set an expectation that people should cope alone. Be honest about your struggles
  • Being a single parent is like being on a treadmill that you’re not allowed to get off of 
  • Becoming a single parent uncovered strengths I never even knew I had 
  • Telling single parents they can’t complain because they chose this life, is like telling married people they can never complain about being married
  • Single parenting shows you what a reliable, consistent, and dedicated character you are 
  • What you don’t have as a single parent is not more important than what you do have 
  • Being a single parent shows your children that no matter how hard life can be, you can always figure out a way 
  • Stigmas of single parents were made by those who wouldn’t be brave enough to go their own path and never settle 


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Parental burnout quotes 


  • Sometimes parenting is facing pain you never knew existed 
  • Parenting requires the most energy of all, yet provides the least rest of all
  • Parental burnout is when you’ve had to prioritize others’ needs and neglect your own for too long 
  • Sometimes it is far more selfless, to choose you 
  • Boundaries and self-care are a parent’s human right 
  • Let’s show our children how taking care of yourself is done 
  • Be vulnerable with your heart and firm with your boundaries 
  • There are so many times when you feel like you’re failing, but to your children, you are always a hero
  • You have to trust your instincts and surround yourself with those who support you 
  • Expectations that lead to parental burnout were never expectations that cared for you and your wellbeing 


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New mom parenting quotes 


  • Becoming a new mom is both the scariest and most empowering experience
  • You may not know all of the answers, but you always have your heart to guide you 
  • No one knows what a baby needs more than their own mother’s instincts 
  • The reason you can’t be prepared for having a baby is that it’s not a task, it’s a miracle 
  •  New mothers need support and reassurance, not judgments and opinions 
  • Don’t forget to check on a new mother as well as a new baby, the mother needs holding too 
  • You are the mother your child needs when you listen to your heart, not other people 
  • Give yourself kindness and patience, for you are learning with your baby every day 
  • If all you’ve done today is take care of yourself and your baby, you’ve done everything you need to do
  • You can feel exhausted, overwhelmed, scared, excited, and full of love all at the same time  


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Mother’s Day quotes 

  • A mother’s love begins way before she holds her baby in her arms and lasts forever after they leave them
  • Having children make you realize that you are stronger than all your greatest fears 
  • A mother’s love is incomparable to any other kind of love 
  • The art of loving as a mother has the ability to change the world 
  • A mother is their child’s biggest advocate and their child’s biggest cheerleader 
  • A mother never gives up on her child. Even when no one else can see it, she sees her child’s greatest potential  
  • If mothers were left to rule the world, it would be a loving and safe place 
  • A mother is your first role model, your biggest guide, and your best friend 
  • If I know what it means to love and be loved, it is because of my mother 
  • A mothers soul is both gentle and fierce, she is made of pure magic 

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