16 Spring Decorating Ideas To Bring Happiness Into Your Home

16 Spring Decorating Ideas To Bring Happiness Into Your Home

16 Spring Decorating Ideas To Bring Happiness Into Your Home


This post gives you inspiration for the best spring decorating ideas

16 Spring Decorating Ideas To Bring Happiness Into Your Home


Take a deep breath in a slow breath out, is that the fresh spring air? Spring is that warming morning light shining through the gap in your curtains waking you up gently. It’s that first sip from your extra delicious coffee or tea in the morning.

Everything about spring is delightful, and that’s why we feel energized to spring clean and inspired to bring the essence of this beautiful season into our home.

We want to help you achieve just that by giving you these best tips for spring decorating so you can be on your way to infusing your home with the warmth and happiness of the season.

Earthy tones will be popular this spring such as browns, greens, blues, honey, pink, tan, clay, terracotta, peach, and stone. A range of different textures and natural elements are also important in creating that fresh spring atmosphere. Let’s take a look at some more great spring decorating tips, I cant wait!


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Spring Decorating Ideas


1. Books and Spring magazine display

Pile up gardening and cookbooks with inspirational fresh new season magazines. This will give areas like coffee tables and reading corners a warm spring feeling. 


2. Colourful fabrics

Adding bright colors in little bursts around the home can allow spring to shine throughout the house. Especially in areas where the decor is more neutral, you can add color with items like bright tea towels, seat cushions, and bath mats. 



3. Nature

16 Spring Decorating Ideas To Bring Happiness Into Your Home

Fully embrace all spring offers by inviting beautiful plants into your home. Some wonderful ideas can be olive trees, fig trees, aloe Vera plants, hibiscus, rocks, and crystals. 



4. Baby animals

You don’t have to adopt any new pets to enjoy the cuteness of baby animals this spring. Invest in some sweet ornaments you can celebrate yearly, including chicks, lambs, rabbits, ducklings, deer, hedgehogs, and butterflies. 


Rustic farmhouse bird ornament from amazon

Woodland bunny family ornament from etsy

5. Baskets 

Incorporate baskets into your home for an instant spring touch. You can do this simply by swapping out your plastic laundry baskets for woven baskets, swapping your regular food trays for rattan ones, and using storage baskets with large handles for that picnic basket effect. 



6. Lighter bedding

Redressing your bed and sofas with lighter colors, thinner fabrics, and softer materials will give your bedroom that spring glow. You could swap the wool and fleece throws for cashmere or linen. Think about colors like blush pinks, peaches, and sage green. 



7. Indoor fruit plants 

Celebrate spring by growing your fruit indoors, you can begin many fruit and vegetable plants indoors such as lettuce, strawberries, and dwarf fruit trees



8. Milkshake station in the kitchen 

You might be taking the hot chocolate off the countertop and putting it back into the cupboard but hold onto those marshmallows. You can make a cute and fun milkshake station corner in the kitchen with all the sprinkles for a pop of color.  



9. Bunches of flowers display 

Bunching many different types of flowers and colors together will pour spring into any room, and this can be done pretty much anywhere in the home. Housebeautiful has a brilliant idea of not throwing out any loose flowerheads by instead creating a beautiful display in a bowl of water.  If you want to go artificial you can bunch flowers together with ribbon and hang them on walls, or you can purchase a flower garland for the table. Some wonderful spring flowers include daffodils, tulips, peonies and spring bulb. 



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10. Refreshing words 

Uplifting and inspiring quotes and affirmations are popular right now, and there’s no wonder when the words we tell ourselves can have such a positive effect on our wellbeing. Set your spring and summer up for great things by adding your favorite quote or affirmation to your wall. 


11. Watering cans & buckets 

Sometimes it’s the simple and subtle things that make all the difference. Adding some watering cans or vintage-style buckets around the home can make you feel as bright as spring mornings. You can use them for flowers, magazines, or even odds and ends like pens and pencils. 


12. Pastel toned paint  

Adding a few strokes of soothing pastel tones is one of the most powerful ways to transform a room for spring. This doesn’t have to be a big job either, you can add paint to a small wall, a door, a cabinet, or a side table, the list is endless!



13. Natural textures  

People are starting to experience the happiness and calm that comes with bringing aspects of nature into the home. Add elements like reclaimed woods, copper, brass, cork, rocks, shells, ricker, and rattan. You could incorporate some stone vases or coasters which would look fantastic. 




14. Add easter egg decorations

Little easter egg decorations can look totally cute attached to spring wreaths or plants. Or you can add them to the fireplace garland or table garland. Or how about spring bunting? you could even just attach some easter cards to some vintage-looking brown string and hang it on the wall. 



15. Display bright kitchen wear 

Simple and instantly brightening, dig out your most colorful kitchen wear and display it on your plate racks and shelves. 



16. Spring art work 

We swap out our cushions as the seasons change so why not our artwork and wall pictures? Shades of Pinks, peaches, blues, greens, yellows, and oranges are just some of the beautiful colors to be inspired by. 


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