A Child’s View 




A Child's View
A Child’s View

I didn’t mean to spill the juice, Mama

Only I watch you do it so effortlessly, 

I want to learn to do things just like you, Mama

Please would you mind sharing your calm with me?


I’m sorry I was stopping to show you every stone, Papa 

I’ve been longing for many hours to see your face

I appreciate these freeing moments I get with you, Papa

Can we please slow down time and our pace?


I know I’ve been noisy at your house Grandma & Grandpa, 

It’s just sometimes I forget how to behave

You’re my home when my parents aren’t there, Grandma & Grandpa

A place where I can express my true self and it’s safe 


I am forgetful and I have many flaws, everyone

I can’t articulate the reason because I don’t know it 

I do know that I need your unconditional love and gentle guidance, everyone 

Because to me even with your flaws, you’re heroic


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