You are currently viewing Thoughtful Birthday Quotes For Dads To Bring Tears

Thoughtful Birthday Quotes For Dads To Bring Tears

Thoughtful Birthday Quotes For Dads To Bring Tears

Is your dad’s birthday coming up? Do you want to find a quote that captures just how much you appreciate the love he put into raising you? Having a great dad is such a wonderful gift and I know that everyone who has one doesn’t for a second take that for granted. We really respect and appreciate dads here at earthimama and we want to dedicate today’s post to all of the nurturing fathers out there. These thoughtful birthday quotes for dads will be perfect for their birthday card or personalised onto a gift. 

If it’s Father’s Day or your father’s birthday coming up and you want to find a heartfelt quote then have a read through these quotes. These have been carefully hand-crafted to express the appreciation that a son or daughter feels for their loving father.


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Thoughtful Birthday Quotes For Dads

I thank my lucky stars every day for you because all my wishes over the years you’ve helped to make true


They say fairy tales aren’t true, but I’ve always known that they are because you have always been my one true hero


Thank you for showing me what strength looks like, what respect sounds like, and what unconditional love feels like


Through the hardest times, you’ve always been our rock, and the happiest times have always been made possible because of you


From embarrassing me to being overprotective, and from advice I didn’t want to take to making me smile when I didn’t want to, I just want you to know Dad that in the end, I hope to become just like you


You put in your time, your effort, tears, and frustration into raising us but none of it has gone unnoticed, because the most significant thing you put in was your heart


I am proud of many things in life, but nothing makes me quite as proud as the honor I have of calling you my dad


You held my hand for a few years, and you carried me on your back for a little while, but your footprints in my heart are with me forever


Some people grow up with an awesome dad, some people grow up with a role model they look up to, others grow up with a best friend they turn to. But I grew up with all of those things in you


If I know what courage, generosity, respect, and dedication look like, then that is because of you Dad



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