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Sentimental Birthday Wishes For A Friend

Sentimental Birthday Wishes For A Friend

Sentimental Birthday Wishes For A Friend

If there’s one thing we don’t take for granted, it’s a good friend. All of the chocolate in the world can’t replace the value of that one person you can call when you need someone to talk to. That’s why we wanted to create handwritten birthday wishes that express how you feel about the friends who are special and meaningful to you. 

If your putting together a handwritten or handmade birthday card then these messages will look lovely in your handwriting, or maybe you’d like to dedicate a birthday Facebook or Instagram post for your friend. And if you love these, then come back here for sentimental messages for the other special people in your life including; Sentimental quotes for best friends birthday, Sentimental First Birthday QuotesThoughtful birthday quotes for dads, Thoughtful birthday quotes for moms and Thoughtful birthday quotes for your boyfriend or girlfriend


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Sentimental Birthday Wishes For A Friend


Sentimental Birthday Wishes For A Friend


Wishing you a birthday full of everything you truly deserve


If anyone’s birthday wishes should come true, It’s yours. Happy birthday


Grateful that you came into the world on this day, happy birthday


Sending special birthday wishes to a friend I cherish with my heart


Wanting you to know how deeply thankful I am for you today and every day, happy birthday


Hoping your birthday brings you your hopes and this year brings you your dreams, happy birthday


Ready to make more amazing memories with you on your birthday, happy birthday


Happy birthday to the person who sprinkles color everywhere they go


The world is a better place simply because you exist in it, happy birthday my dear friend


Wishing a happy birthday to someone who deserves everything the sun, moon, and stars has to offer


Some things were just meant to happen, like when I met you. Happy birthday to my special friend


Thinking of all the tears, laughter, and mischief we have got up to together, happy birthday to my partner in crime


They really meant it when they said your friends are the family you choose. Happy birthday


Our friendship is a once-in-a-lifetime gift, happy birthday to you


My life is better because of our friendship and I want you to know you deserve the world,  happy birthday


You give out so much love to other people, now today is for all of that love to come back to you


Happy birthday to the person that anyone would be incredibly lucky to call their friend


The most beautiful heart, soul, and person I’ve ever met, happy birthday


Happy birthday to the funniest, sweetest, most wonderful person on earth


I hope you take today to treat yourself the way you so selflessly treat others every day, happy birthday


Happy birthday to the queen in my life, you deserve all of your hopes & dreams


A truly special person and one-in-a-million friend, happy birthday


Wishing my dearest friend a birthday full of love and happiness today and always, happy birthday

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