You are currently viewing Validating Feelings Quotes For Emotion: When You Feel Alone
Validating Feelings Quotes For Emotion: When You Feel Alone

Validating Feelings Quotes For Emotion: When You Feel Alone

Validating Feelings Quotes For Emotion: When You Feel Alone


Validating Feelings Quotes For Emotion: When You Feel Alone


These validating feelings quotes exist here for those moments when you are having a hard time with how you feel, and you’re feeling alone with those feelings. Life is never about not experiencing difficult times, life is messy and challenging, and it’s also beautiful and rewarding. The most important thing is that we learn to connect both in our happiest moments and in our lowest moments. To quote Gabor Mate, “Children don’t get traumatized because they are hurt, they get traumatized because they are alone in their hurt”. The world can be healed with compassion, and although compassion is important to develop in childhood; it is also never, ever too late to begin being compassionate with yourself

To anyone who has experienced great pain all alone, I stand with you. It is through validation, kindness, and unconditional love that we heal. The way you authentically are is the way you are supposed to be. You are not broken, you do not need to be fixed. You are lovable, just as you are right in this moment. 


Validating feelings quotes

You’re not overreacting, your emotions matter and it’s okay to take time to process them

You’re not too sensitive, you’re wonderfully sensitive and that needs to be nurtured

Feeling angry doesn’t make you bad, your anger cares about you and it’s okay to stand up for yourself


You don’t ever have to stop crying, crying is a healthy release of built-up feelings and emotions

Saying no when you need to say no is honoring yourself and taking care of yourself the way you should have learned to

Respectfully voicing what you need is not rude or demanding

You shouldn’t have to hold in your emotions to make others feel comfortable

Love is that feeling when your unfiltered raw self feels accepted and valued

You are not overreacting, you have taken too much for too long and you are ready for change

You are safe to follow your inner guidance

Being a gentle person in a rough environment is exhausting, the way you feel makes sense

Be so committed and loyal to yourself that your values don’t change no matter where you are or who you are around

Being assertive doesn’t make you difficult, it makes you powerful and strong

The world needs to hear what you are passionate about

The world cares about what is meaningful to you

Investing in your own happiness will benefit everything and everyone around you

Spending time doing things that bring you calm and joy is a part of essential health care

Sometimes people won’t understand you, that’s when you need to be your own advocate

The more you practice being kind and compassionate to yourself, the easier and more automatic it will become

Your emotions are not too much, they are not too scary. They are real and they are valid and they need a safe space to release

Just because you didn’t feel brave going through what you went through, doesn’t mean you weren’t

The way you see the world is unique and beautiful

You are allowed to enforce your boundaries or walk away

Your feelings know what’s best for you

Emotions will stay in the body until they are acknowledged and processed


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