Parenting Hacks For Keeping A Toddler Entertained

Parenting Hacks For Keeping A Toddler Entertained



Parenting hacks are a must when you have a toddler. We all know how it goes, we are trying to get on with the never-ending tasks of being a parent, but our toddler wants our attention. It can leave us feeling like we are pulled in so many directions! And how can we possibly get it all done? Don’t worry, I am here to share with you some parenting hacks to keep your toddler entertained so that you can do the things you need to do, and in peace. 


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Making little changes to our environment can help home life to be more easy-going for our children and ourselves. I find that getting creative with different ideas is also really enjoyable. Not only do I have more time to do things that I need to do, but my toddler is having fun. She is also learning her independence and I am finding I have more time to sit and play with her because I can get jobs done quicker. 



Parenting hacks for toddlers

earthimama parenting hacks

1. Put a play kitchen in your kitchen

This hack has allowed me to cook so many more meals from scratch! Now, whenever I am in the kitchen tidying away or cooking, my daughter goes straight to her kitchen and gets busy “cleaning” and “cooking” too. 

I also sometimes give her a piece of what I am using or cooking with (for example a piece of fruit or veg I am using in my cooking) which can keep them entertained for even longer all while exploring and learning along the way. 


earthimama parenting hacks


2. Magnets on the fridge or on a magnetic whiteboard

So simple yet so underrated. Having a range of magnets at eye level can give your toddler something to play with while you’re busy. My toddler loves these so much I even have one in her bedroom.


earthimama parenting hacks


3. Duplo board on the wall

This is a fun idea because you can fix this anywhere, if there is a room where you often need to get on with a task, then fitting this to the wall can help make that a little easier. Easily stored and out of the way while they’re playing with it (less likely to tread on little duplo pieces, win!) 



4. Turn on nursery rhymes 

If you have an echo dot, then simply telling this to “play nursery rhymes” which are free! is so convenient. I find this useful when my hands are full and my toddler is wanting me. A little hack I use (when on a phone call) is to dance around with her and she enjoys it so much. It can easily help her go from crying to smiling and then she will often go and occupy herself again while I finish what I’m doing. 



5. Have different toys in different areas of the home 

I wish I did this with my first baby because having different toys in different rooms has really helped with my second baby. It keeps her interested because she will play with different ones at different times of the day, which also helps with routines. For example, she has a small box of toys in my room so when I need to do some laundry she can go to her box and get out her toys. It also helps these to feel like special toys because they are only used at certain times. 




6. Easily accessible snack tray

I think a lot of people worry that if their children can access food then they will just eat it all in one go (I was worried about this too) however I’ve found that my toddler will only eat till she’s full. You can also make sure it’s accessible at certain times when you are happy for them to help themselves. Your toddler will love the independence of opening a cupboard or draw, and they will feel like they are choosing (even though you’re able to put what you want in there) This post has brilliant inspiration for Montessori snack preparation



7. Fix toys to cupboard doors 

Another great one for keeping them occupied while you’re busy. You can buy toys with suction cups to stick to most surfaces, or you can hang things off of the door handles. My toddler loves wind chimes and toys that spin around. 


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