You are currently viewing Best Vision Board Ideas: Manifest The Life You Want

Best Vision Board Ideas: Manifest The Life You Want


Best Vision Board Ideas: Manifest The Life You Want

Best Vision Board Ideas: Manifest The Life You Want

This post is all about vision board ideas!

Are you interested in creating a vision board? or maybe you are just wondering what the fuss is all about? Amazing! we are very passionate about vision boards so get ready to create a vision board that is perfect for you. 

What is a vision board and what is the research behind it?

The intention of a vision board or dream board is to help inspire and motivate you to take actionable steps and to attract the life most aligned with your authentic self. A vision board is both about your goals and how you want to feel. The science behind vision boards, as explained in grouporttherapy comes from two psychological concepts, the self-efficacy theory and the reticular activating system.

The self-efficacy theory states that individuals who believe they can achieve a goal are more like to. Therefore a vision board can enhance self-efficacy by providing a visual reminder of our aspirations. The Reticular activating system in our body helps focus attention, so by seeing images related to our aspirations, the reticular activating system prioritises these so that we are more tuned into opportunities and resources that may relate to our aspirations. 

The Right Life Balance

Having the right life balance is a mix of Family and parenting, friends, Intimate relationships, Hobbies, Personal Growth, Work, Contributions, Personal welfare, and anything else that you find important for you to feel your best. When we aren’t quite feeling right, it is usually because we are running low in one of these areas (or possibly multiple). You might want to think about these areas of your life when trying to identify your goals. The following questions will help you to think about these areas of your lives to help you to create a vision board tailored to you. 


Vision Board Ideas 


Questions to ask yourself to create your vision board 


what is your reason for wanting to create a vision board? 

What might you gain from that? 


How would you live life if you were able to live the life you choose? 


How would you sound? 

How would you feel?

How would you move?



How would you like other people to describe you?


What qualities in yourself would you like other people to see? 


How would you like to behave? 


In what ways do you enjoy contributing to others?

In what way do you enjoy contributing to the environment?

In what ways do you enjoy contributing to the community?

How can you look after yourself?


How would you like to act? 


Who makes you feel inspired?


Who makes you feel motivated? 


What do you want to believe about yourself? 


What goals do you want to reach? 


What do you care most about? 


What do you want the most? 


What relationships make you feel good about yourself?

What relationships inspire you?

What type of relationships do you want to attract into your life?

What activities and interests do you genuinely enjoy?

What inspires you to learn and grow as an individual?

What kind of work is valuable to you?




What To Put On Your Vision Board


Inspirational quotes 


Motivational quotes


Lyrics to songs


Anything that represents strength to you


self-worth quotes


Words of encouragement 


That girl quotes


Quotes from people you love


Photos of people you admire 


Places you want to visit 


Things that remind you of who you are 


Things you want to accomplish 


Photos of your priorities 


Photos of the life you aspire for 


Affirmations you love 


Anything you want to attract into your life


Examples of your best self 


Add captions to images 


Photos of the home you’d like to live in


Photos of the style you’d love to have


Photos of the food you’d like to eat 


Quotes from films 

Photos of things that bring you good feelings


Pictures Of Vision Board Ideas


Phone screen saver

so that you can see your vision board often

Corkboard collage

which can be hung wherever you spend lots of time


if you prefer something more personal you can keep it somewhere like next to your bed


Get crafty

with paints, magazines, fabrics, or even nature items like leaves (anything that you love or love to use)


Design your vision board puzzle

so that putting it together feels like the act of creating your aspirations



Pegs and or/string

which can make it easier to move things around or add things


A magnetic vision board

is also another great option which is simple and enjoyable


Decorate with lights

to brighten it up and create an aesthetic scene 



are another great option if you love using markers and bold writing/pictures



Post-it notes

can create your vision board or be a brilliant addition to it.  


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