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Sentimental Handwritten Christmas Messages

Sentimental Handwritten Christmas Messages


Sentimental Handwritten Christmas Messages

The most heartwarming time of year is coming up! And what is more wholesome than picking out your favorite pack of beautiful Christmas cards to send to the special people in your life?   (Well of course apart from cosey socks and your hot chocolate stacked with whipped cream). I love to dedicate a quiet piece of time in the evening to putting on a classic Christmas film, getting into comfy pajamas, grabbing my favorite gold pen, and carefully writing out my Christmas cards.


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So, we know that a solid traditional “Merry Christmas” is never going to go out of style, and we never want it to. But this is earthimama and we love adding some extra thought, so we want to add a sentimental touch to our Christmas cards this year. include some of these heartfelt messages to your cards this year for the people who mean the most and help everyone to enjoy a much-needed wholesome merry Christmas!

And if you’d like a beautiful handmade Christmas card to go with your thoughtful message, then have a look at these Christmas cards we really love:

Stunning Pop-up Christmas card

Delicately decorated heart Christmas card

Amazing the night before Christmas card

Beautiful winter wonderland card

Adorable multipack of Christmas cards


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Sentimental handwritten Christmas messages

Sentimental Handwritten Christmas Messages

Wishing you the happy Christmas you truly deserve

That special time of year has come again to tell your favorite people how much you love and appreciate them, so from our home to yours; Merry Christmas

Thinking of you this holiday season and hoping your home is filled with all the joy of Christmas


Sending the warmest of Christmas wishes to you all


May your smiles be lit up this holiday season the same way you light up our lives all year long


Hoping your Christmas is full of magic and happiness, Merry Christmas

I hope the spirit of Christmas fills your home with love and smiles as you make precious memories

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas  filled with gifts as precious as you are


Seasons greeting to the person/people who have made this year a wonderful one

Letting you know during these festivities what a true special gift you are to us every day



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Thank you for being a truly valuable friend to me all year round, I can’t wait to celebrate with you this Christmas

Wishing you a Christmas as magical as you are

The true gift of Christmas is having a friend like you, merry Christmas

All I want for Christmas is for you to know how special you are to me

Wishing you a Christmas filled with all the love in the world

Feeling grateful for you during this holiday season, I love you, and Merry Christmas

A very merry Christmas to the most amazing family/person around

Sending festive love to all of you extraordinary people


Wishing for an extra special Christmas to the ones we love most


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