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Kids Halloween Activities Challenge: 14 Days Of Halloween

Kids Halloween Activities Challenge: 14 Days Of Halloween

Kids Halloween Activities Challenge: 14 Days Of Halloween

This Halloween I have an 11-year-old and a 1-year-old. Luckily we’re all quite crafty in this family so we all look forward to this time of year when we can get creative and have fun. However it can feel like with all of the different Halloween activities and ideas available to us, just how can we get time to do them all whilst also enjoying the time with our children? That’s why this year we’re trying something a bit different.

I have found all of the coolest Halloween activities to do with kids and put them together as a 14-day Halloween challenge for parents and kids. So that we can slow down and enjoy this gorgeous time of year, we’re going to be doing one a day up until Halloween day itself.

You’ll likely have everything you need lying around the house! But if not, we’ve found the things you need and added these too. Do as many of these as you like, or as few, mix and match and add your own twists. Just remember to read yourself for putting in the effort to make memories and traditions that your children will always remember. 


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We hope you’ll join our family on this 14-day Halloween challenge!


14 Days Of Halloween

Day 1. Tripple Spooky Jelly

Add a layer of red, a layer of orange, and a layer of green, and add some spooky decorations into each layer for your little one to find while eating their jelly. Don’t forget to make a spider web on top with icing. 


Day 2. Mix the cauldron

Give your child the challenge of making a magic potion in a cauldron, gather together some ingredients for slime or “potions” and let your child have fun. 


Day 3. Use their photo to make a spooky picture

Get a photo of your child or children’s face and print it out. Now stick it onto paper and let your child make themselves into a spooky character. Some examples are using cotton wool balls to make them into a ghost, using cotton wool buds painted black to make them into spiders and so on. 


Day 4. Accessory

Create a Halloween accessory of your child’s choice. Try these Halloween sun catcher decorations or this treat bucket


Day 5. Monster hands and feet

Use their hands and feet to draw around, Now let them decorate it however they like, painting or drawing, or sticking. If you are feeling really crafty, then draw around their whole body for them to decorate!


Day 6. Pin the witch on the broom

Print out or draw a large picture of a broom. Draw or print and cut out a witch flying. Use a blindfold and take turns pinning the witch onto the broom as close as possible!


Day 7. Decorate a jar

Find some old see-through jars lying around the house. Soak them in warm water so that the labels come off clean. Now you can decorate the jar in whatever way you like. Here are some Halloween mason jar craft ideas for inspiration. 


Day 8. Ghost cups

Get a packet of white cups and decorate them with black eyes for ghosts. You can either have them stacked upside down on top of each other and use a ball to see how many you can knock over. Or you can have them the other way up and see how many balls you can get into each cup. If you wanted to make it into a proper game you could put numbers on the bottom and whichever one they get a ball into means they win a sweet or prize with that number on (Like a raffle). 

Day 9. Halloween egg hunt

Have your own trick or treat but at home with an egg hunt. You don;t even need to put sweets in there, you could put anything you feel suitable. Here are some large eggs you could use, and some small glow in the dark eggs


Day 10. Halloween game

Create a fun Halloween game to play together. You could find a game online and make your own dice, or you could get this Halloween bingo game. The choices are endless. This post has some home made Halloween games for inspiration.


Day 11. Halloween yummy baking

Bake your regular biscuits recipe but let your child use some spooky Halloween cookie cutters. Then decorate them with all sorts of cool Halloween treats. I love the look of these Halloween sprinkles.


Day 12. Halloween decorations

Make some Halloween decorations that you can put up on Halloween and keep using year after year. This Halloween wooden ornaments craft looks lovely.


Day 13. Treasure hunt in spaghetti

Cook up some spaghetti, and add some food coloring if you wish. Hide some spooky insects or some treasure in the spaghetti. Your child can have some spooky sensory fun finding all of the hidden items. 


Day 14. Spooky stickers

Stickers are loved by all ages, your older child can use the stickers to make a picture or decorate something, and your toddler can decorate a picture (or you and themselves more likely). These halloween stickers look fantastic.  A lovely chilled-out Halloween activity to finish the challenge. Happy Halloween 🙂

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