You are currently viewing Best 1st December Box Ideas For The Whole Family

Best 1st December Box Ideas For The Whole Family

Best 1st December Box Ideas For The Whole Family


Best 1st December Box Ideas For The Whole Family

This is absolutely one of my favourite tasks to put together during November; December parcels for my children. Where there is so much preparation (weeks!) that goes into Christmas Day, I jump at the chance to extend the fun and make the wholesomeness of Christmas last longer. 


Some of these gifts could be given on Christmas Eve as a Christmas Eve parcel if you prefer. I’ve gathered together all the best ideas so that you can choose and make your own perfect December parcel for your young children, teens, or loved one. 


What I love about giving someone a December parcel is that the Christmas-themed items can be used for the whole month rather than just for a day. And the winter items get an extra month of use. Christmas will no longer feel like it’s gone as quickly as it comes around, and  your whole family is going to feel like they’re fully in the Christmas spirit after receiving this parcel wrapped in love by you. 


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December Boxes We Love:

Christmas Wooden Gift Box (which comes in three different colors)

Gorgeous Personalised Wooden Christmas Eve Box

Festive Flatpack With Ribbon Box

Stunning Wooden Christmas Box

Amazing Christmas Box With Fillers For WHOLE Family

Lovely Set Of 4 Christmas Boxes With Lids


1st December Parcel Ideas For Kids 



Christmas pajamas (ideas: personalized, matching, their favorite theme or onesies)


Advent calendar (make your own year after year with this gorgeous fabric advent calendar)


Christmas cards for friends


Special glittery pen


Christmas cup for hot chocolate or milk


Handprint mold decoration 


Christmas cuddly toy 


Letter from Santa 


Letter to Santa 


Cookie kit to make cookies for Santa 


Magic reindeer food biodegradable


Christmas book- some we love:

Dear Santa

Thats not my Christmas tree

Were going on a sleigh ride

What the ladybird heard at christmas


Christmas outfit 


Craft kit 


Winter hat & gloves 




1st December Parcel Ideas For Teens



Christmas dressing gown


Hooded blanket


Christmas socks or slippers


Hot chocolate 


Advent calendar 


Notebook to write their Christmas lists


Christmas cards for friends 


Card game 


Christmas decorations for their room 


Tickets to somewhere (pantomime etc)


Wrapping paper and tags for their presents 


Eye mask to help sleep


Christmas blanket 


Christmas jumper or top


Christmas movie/Christmas album or subscription




1st December Parcel Ideas For Adults 



Christmas pyjamas 


Mug or flask 


Advent calendar 


Christmas bath bombs – we love these beautiful handmade bath bombs and Christmas bath bombs


Face mask


Eye mask


Favourite snacks 


Personalized Christmas Decoration 


Tickets for somewhere Christmassy 


Tickets for a Christmas meal booked 


Hot water bottle 


Christmas outfit 


Christmas movie/Christmas album or subscription

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