You are currently viewing Encouraging Quotes For Moms With Empowering Affirmations 

Encouraging Quotes For Moms With Empowering Affirmations 

Encouraging Quotes For Moms With Empowering Affirmations 


Encouraging Quotes For Moms With Empowering Affirmations 


In this post of quotes for moms, you will find:

Affirmations for mom guilt

Positive daily affirmations for moms

Encouraging quotes for moms


If you struggle to care for yourself or are too hard on yourself as a mother then I have a little task for you. Picture that part of yourself that feels overwhelmed, that feels vulnerable, and maybe a little lost. Take her by the hand and tell her “I got you”, “you’re safe” and “I’m going to take care of you”. You see the answer to feeling guilty or not good enough or burnt out, is self-compassion. 


So if you feel like you’re struggling to self-regulate lately and you keep snapping or losing your cool, or if you are having a hard time caring for yourself, instead of feeling guilty ask yourself “What do I need?”. And remind yourself that you have the power to change the script. This is your life to create, you can throw out any expectations that you feel have been put on you and you can create your own goals and you can choose your own rest time. 


You need to remember that motherhood is one of the most powerful roles in the world. And you’re doing that. You are incredible. So it’s time to cherish and treat yourself with all of the gentleness, respect, and care that you are valuable of. Lets have a look at some validating and empowering affirmations and quotes for moms. 


Affirmations For Mom Guilt 


Encouraging Quotes For Moms With Empowering Affirmations 


My emotions mean that I care deeply for my children 


I can have a bad day and still be a good mother 


I am allowed to make mistakes that help me to learn and grow as a mother and an individual 


I release guilt and give myself compassion 


Dwelling in guilt does not help me or my children 


It’s okay to feel guilt and to release it 


I have the power to use self-regulation tools


I can inspire my children by learning from my mistakes 


Apologizing to my children makes me a wonderful role model 


Acknowledging where I went wrong is an admirable strength 


It is not guilt, but rather an awareness and opportunity to become better 


It’s safe for me to release guilt and enjoy the present moment with my child


It’s safe for me to release guilt and enjoy my time to myself 


I release unhealthy expectations that have been placed upon me 


Strong people ask for help and I am a person made of strength


I accept myself where I am whilst I work towards my goals 


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Positive Daily Affirmations For Moms 


Encouraging Quotes For Moms With Empowering Affirmations 


Motherhood is a part of my identity, not my whole identity 


I am a person with needs as well as a mom


I have everything I need inside of me to be who my children need 


I am deserving of my hopes and dreams 


I am calm and patient with myself so that I can be calm and patient with my children 


I believe and trust in myself as a mother 


I believe and trust in Myself to set an amazing example for my children to look up to 


I am my authentic self so that I can encourage my children to be their authentic selves 


 give myself grace while I am learning every day 


Our family home is filled with love, dreams, and happiness


I am nurturing my own inner child as well as my children 


I set a good example of how to take care of yourself 


I set a good example of how to follow your dreams and passions 


Resting frequently is far more productive than overdoing it 


The happiness and well-being of myself and my children are my priority


What is important to me is just as valid as what’s important to someone else 


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Encouraging Quotes For Moms


Encouraging Quotes For Moms With Empowering Affirmations 


“Unleash the mom guilt, take that same energy, and use it to inspire, to empower, and motivate your children. For they love you just the way you are” – Tiffany N Stallings


“Send yourself some love, connect with your breath, connect with the person that you really are. Who you really are. Because self-love and self-care is the key to changing everything in your life” – Liz Carlisle


“I want to fulfill the highest and truest expression of who I am” – Oprah Winfrey


“The only way we can have it all is when we stop trying to do it all” – Julie Ellison


“Mothers are essential, mothers are powerful, mothers have their own needs and their own identities, mothers deserve support” – Anna Malaika


“What is we celebrated stay-at-home moms as the essential members of society that they are., rather than belittling their role. What if employers and colleagues recognized mothering as the ultimate test of multitasking, organization and empathy”  – Anna Malaika


“What do you want your daughter to remember? What do you want your son to remember? Teach them to ride a bike, teach them to unsuccessfully bake a cake, and giggle about it. Have a difficult conversation. Laugh today when you have gotten angry yesterday. Forgive, apologise” – Austeja Landsbergiene


“The freedom to keep choosing love and not judgment” – Colleen O’grady


“What if we prioritize the world within, then surely the world around us will make so much more sense” – Lael Stone


So my question to you is,  how are you going to love yourself today mama? See you soon 🙂


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