Magical One

magical one
    Magical One

The shoes are spilling out on the floor

The spoons are stacking up

There are questionable items on the work surface

I’m using a bowl instead of a cup

But your light is so beautiful around me

That my soul cannot afford to look anywhere other

Than at your eyes like the sea, your smile radiant and free

And that expression just like your brother

So let the toys be scattered

It really doesn’t matter

And the washing, it can pile

For I know you’ll only need me this much, magical one

For such a precious, little while


When our children have grown, and we look back. What do we remember? How well we had cleaned that day, or gotten our to-do list completed? or how we wish we could go back and kiss those tiny feet and sing them to sleep? Of course, we all feel better when we are on top of tasks. Just, maybe we can let go a little of the pressures. So that we can be there, in those moments, that stay with us as memories forever.

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