You are currently viewing 20 Feeling Sad Phrases For Kids: Parenting Phrases

20 Feeling Sad Phrases For Kids: Parenting Phrases

20 Feeling Sad Phrases For Kids: Parenting Phrases

20 Feeling Sad Phrases For Kids: Parenting Phrases

By actively listening, engaging with, and paying attention to our kid’s thoughts and feelings, we can respond thoughtfully and help build emotional intelligence. Papa & Finn has hundreds of phrases you can use with your children daily to help build emotional intelligence. These feeling sad phrases for kids will help you teach your children about the emotion of sadness.

Building Emotional Intelligence In Kids

It is important for children to learn to feel comfortable with a range of emotions so that they can learn how to process them in healthy ways. discusses that children who learn how to understand and manage their emotions are more likely to: express emotions in an appropriate way, bounce back from difficult emotions, and behave in healthier ways. 

Recognizing and giving names to emotions helps young children to become aware of them. We can help our children to identify feelings and learn to feel safe with them. We can also help our children to see that emotions are not permanent and that they can empower themselves by using tools to navigate through their emotions.

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Feeling Sad Phrases For Kids

  1. When you feel sad, look for a reason to smile
  2. It’s ok to feel sad, sadness comes and goes
  3. Can you think of someone really great? They feel sad sometimes too
  4. Talking about our sadness helps it to leave our body
  5. Crying releases our sadness and makes our bodies stronger
  6. Can you think of a time when you felt sad, and then happy again?
  7. You feel sad right now, and I’m right here with you
  8. I can see how sad you are feeling, can you think of a way to cheer up?
  9. Some feelings are really tough, like sadness. But they all come and they all go
  10. Sometimes our sadness can help us figure out what we need to do
  11. If sadness was a color, what color do you think it would be?
  12. If sadness was an animal, what animal do you think it would be?
  13. Sadness is a bit like waves, sometimes big waves, and sometimes smaller waves
  14. On a scale of 1-10 what number would you describe your sadness as right now?
  15. Thinking of nice things can help us with our sadness
  16. You have the power to do something that will help you cope with your sadness
  17. If sadness was a character and you could make friends with him/her what would their name be?
  18. Sadness is a normal and healthy feeling that everyone feels sometimes
  19. Can you think of something we can do while the sadness is with you?
  20. Can you think of any other words that describe your sadness right now?

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