20 Mother-Son Bonding Activities

20 Mother-Son Bonding Activities


20 Mother-Son Bonding Activities

Mother-son bonding activities can really help nurture the relationship you have with your boy. It took me a little while to figure out what my son was really meaning when he asked “Mum, please can you give me some attention!” I’d reply “But I’m here, I’m listening”. However, he could sense that I was also thinking of 5 other things at the same time. What he was asking for was connection. Authentic, undistracted connection. 
Over time, I’ve learned that this connection is built bit by bit by investing in and enjoying time with them. The mother-son bond is truly irreplaceable, leaving an indelible mark. Let’s celebrate the beauty of this bond with these 20 mother-son bonding activities.

Mother-Son Bonding Activities

  1. Be explorers

    You could go down by the sea and try to find some sea creatures and shells. You could go to a quiet spot for some bird spotting or other wild animal spotting like deer. How about you go and investigate an old washed-up boat? 


  1. 2. Do a challenge together

You’ll have so much fun doing a challenge together, and it can be such a laugh. There are many challenges on youtube, such as “try not to laugh challenge”, and ” try not to sing challenge”. 


3. Coffee and kids budget challenge

What about going out for a hot drink and cake, or lunch just you two? After your food, set off to the shop and give your child a budget. Their challenge is to spend as close to that amount as possible. Your child will love this task and they’ll be practicing some important life skills. This is a monthly special for my son and me now, an idea inspired by their grandad. 


4. Create a mocktail bar at home

Gather together your favorite juices, fruit, herbs, and syrups. Create a mocktail bar in your kitchen and have fun creating different mocktails together just like you’re on a tropical island. You’ll enjoy trying each other’s recipes. Here are some fun mocktails for kids’ recipes. 


5. Bus or train

Forget about the responsibility of driving for the day. Go jump on a bus or train together so you can be fully present and enjoy a different style of traveling. 


6. Crafting

Get crafting together. There are so many different crafts you can do, you are bound to find something of interest. You could make something for their bedroom wall, design a t-shirt, or try something completely unique. Here are 50 quick and easy kids crafts. And, 32 unique crafts for creativity.


7. Plan a day out based on his interests

What does your son love the most?  You could go to a car show, a history museum, go-karting or a reptile zoo. Your bond is sure to grow if you take a dive into his passion with him. 


8. Go crabbing

Grab some buckets, bate, and fishing nets, and set off crabbing. You could also pack a picnic and some music for a relaxing afternoon in the sun. 


9. Get involved with a local event together

Is there something you could help out with at your child’s school? are there any family events in your area? why not get involved as a mother-son duo? Contributing to your community will feel great for the both of you. 


10. Water sports

Go out on a paddleboard or a kayak. You will have so much fun on the water together. Find a local watersports center to make sure you are safe. 


11. Play “Guess the Food”

You could gather together foods from all different cultures. Try them together and see if you can each guess where they come from. You could also get unusual foods, wear a blindfold,  and take turns guessing what the other person has given you. 


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12. Make something for someone he loves

Have you got a special occasion coming up? You could make something together for a special someone. 


13. Play Nerf guns with paint and a target board

Go on the hunt for all the missing Nerf gun bullets around the house because you’re going to need them! Make a target board out of cardboard. Now dip the Nerf bullets into paint and have a competition, or work as a team to hit the target. It is so much more fun with paint! Be sure to have a different color for each player. Mums, you’re going to enjoy this more than you’ll let off.


14. Raise money together

What better way to teach your son about earning money for himself? Maybe you could make jewelry together to sell, or gather his old toys to sell on eBay or Facebook marketplace. Your son will value this important life skill from his mum and get a huge confidence boost in himself for earning his own money. 


15. Carboot sale

Everyone loves a car boot sale. You could go along together as a regular thing, and go on the lookout for some collectibles. Or you could gather your old things up and put up your own stall. You’ll enjoy working as a team and chatting with other bargin hunters. 


16. Start a podcast or series together for just the two of you

This could be finding a podcast or show that you both love. Commit to only watching it when you’re having some mother-son time with a bunch of your favorite snacks. Or, you could even create your own podcast or show together. You don’t necessarily need to post it online, you could just record yourselves doing something regularly. It will be lovely for you both to have something to look forward to that is just for you.


17. Go watch a show together

You could go and watch a pantomime together, or a circus act. Check out your local shows and schedule it in the diary as something to look forward to.


18. Build something together

Does your son love to build? You could do a Lego project together and display it on a shelf.  You could build a den in his room for him to have a chill-out corner, or you could go outside and build a really cool fort with nature items!


19. Do something for each other

Perhaps you could have a day where you make a present for each other, or you could make each other a delicious dessert. 


20. Introduce your son to one of your hobbies

Maybe you could have an afternoon of introducing your son to what you love to do? You could teach him your special skill, or have him join in with something you love to do and know a lot about. He will feel inspired by seeing you passionate about something. 


Bonus Idea. Download a new game together 

It doesn’t need to be something big for you to bond. If you want some quality time but don’t get a lot of it, try downloading a game on an app and playing it together. It will mean the world to him just having your full presence and sharing the joy. 


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By subscribing to Earthimama!

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