You are currently viewing 60 Gorgeous Baby Boy Names And Their Shortened Versions

60 Gorgeous Baby Boy Names And Their Shortened Versions

60 Gorgeous Baby Boy Names And Their Shortened Versions


60 Gorgeous Baby Boy Names And Their Shortened Versions

We have put together some unique baby boy names, as well as some more popular baby boy names. These gorgeous baby boy names and shortened versions will hopefully inspire you to choose the perfect name for your precious growing sweetheart.

Pay attention to the flow, rhythm, and phonetic quality of the name you’re considering. Names with pleasant sounds and harmonious combinations of syllables tend to be more memorable. try speaking the name out loud and envisioning it in various contexts. Imagine calling your son by that name and consider how it feels. Write it down, sign it, and visualize it on official documents. How does it feel? Is it the one?!

Do you like to get a second opinion once you and your partner have rounded it down to a few names? Or do you prefer to announce the name after birth? Whatever you decide is perfect for you!

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Gorgeous Baby Boy Names

Acacias and Ace
Alec and Al
Alexander and Xander
Andreas and Andre
Atticus and Atti
Augustine and August
Augustus and Gus
Beauregard and Beau
Bennet and Ben
Calvin and Cal
Caspar and Cas
Channing and Chan
Clayton and Clay
Coleson and Cole
Daxton and Dax
Dexter and Dex
Ebenezer and Eb
Elias and Eli
Elwood and El
Elijah and Eli
Evander and Evan
Finley and Fin
Franklin and Frank
Franklyn and Flynn
Gabriel and Gabe
Grayson and Gray
Harrison and Harri
Henrik and Henri
Henderson and Henry
Hughbert and Hugh
Javier and Jave
Jaxon and Jax
Jameson and James
Julian and Jule
Kenneth and Ken
Koa and Ko
Laurence and Laurie
Leonardo and Leo
Lincoln and Linc
Lucius and Lu
Montgomery and Monty
Nathaniel and Nate
Navarro and Nav
Oakley and Oak
Odysseus and Ody
Phineas and Phin
Quentin and Quen
Quinlan and Quin
Romeo and Rome
Rowan and Ro
Sebastian and Seb
Trenton and Trent
Thaddeus and Ade
Thayer and Thay
Theodore and Theo
Walter and Walt
Weston and West
Wilder and Wild
Winston and Win
Zephyr and Zeph

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