You are currently viewing 60 Positive Parenting Phrases: Support Your Child’s Mental Health

60 Positive Parenting Phrases: Support Your Child’s Mental Health

60 Positive Parenting Phrases To Support Your Child’s Mental Health

Growing up hearing  positive parenting phrases is important. Because of this, I make it one of my priorities to say many of the phrases below to my son every day. When I forget to do this, I write them down as quotes and stick them in his room. This makes a huge difference to how my son feels. I also hear my son repeating these similar positive words to other people. The goal is to help our children develop such a strong positive sense of self and self-belief, that they will be guided towards positivity and bounce back from challenges. 

Why positive parenting phrases are important

Children look up to their parents. To understand this, you only have to think about how your parents impacted your life, positively or negatively. If you think about how a positive quote or affirmation can make you feel, then imagine how powerful it is to be a child hearing that from your parent. What you tell your children, they will remember and likely believe. Positive words, “can alter the expression of genes, strengthening areas in our frontal lobes and promoting the brain’s cognitive functioning.” (Andrew Newberg, M.D. and Mark Waldman).


60 Positive Parenting Phrases 

  1. The world is more beautiful with you in it
  2. Your thoughts and opinions are important
  3. You don’t have to do anything to be enough, you were born enough
  4. Mistakes are positive for our learning
  5. You don’t need to do everything perfectly to do it well
  6. I believe you
  7. I’m here to help guide you, not judge you
  8. If someone is a true friend, they won’t want you to change
  9. Sometimes other people are unkind to us because they feel unhappy inside
  10. The best way to be successful is by doing what you enjoy most
  11. The most important person that needs to like you, is you
  12. You shouldn’t make other people happy if it means making you unhappy
  13. The things that make you different, are the things that make you wonderful
  14. No matter where you go and what you do, you are loved
  15. I will always  be here to help and guide you, not lecture you
  16. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it, your feelings are there to help you
  17. If you feel unsure, ask someone you trust
  18. You have a beautiful and kind heart
  19. Your personality is so loveable
  20. I love listening to what you have to say
  21. I enjoy spending time with you
  22. You are a kind person
  23. You have a wonderful and interesting mind
  24. It is strong to talk about how you feel
  25. It is strong to ask for help
  26. I love the way you see the world
  27. The things that are important to you are meaningful
  28. I am grateful to have you as my child
  29. Your friends are lucky to have you in their life
  30. I love your style

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  1. Just because you didn’t feel brave doesn’t  mean you weren’t
  2. You worked so hard to do that
  3. You gave that all your patience
  4. I love how you explained that
  5. You didn’t give up and you did it
  6. I’m proud of you for listening to when your body needs to take a rest
  7. Not everyone has to like you and you don’t have to like everyone
  8. Are you proud of yourself?
  9. That’s brilliant thinking
  10. It takes courage to speak up for yourself
  11. You’re courage in standing up for what you believe in is inspiring for others
  12. You should  be proud of yourself for how you handled that
  13. You are getting better at that every time you try
  14. It’s ok to walk away from things when you’ve had enough
  15. You are in charge of yourself
  16. You can try something out and see if it’s for you or if it’s not for you
  17. It’s great to be curious
  18. When you’re sad, look for a reason to smile
  19. Dont forget about what you have while thinking of what you want
  20. You have great ideas
  21. You can be yourself wherever you go and whatever you do
  22. You should never make yourself feel uncomfortable to please someone else
  23. You can be a respectful person and still say no
  24. You can be a respectful person and still change your mind
  25. Your emotions are valid
  26. Your experience is true and real
  27. I’m sorry, that upset you
  28. I am always here to hear and understand you
  29. If you can’t change something, you can change how you view it
  30. I love the person you are in your heart

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