10 Things Mentally Strong People Do

10 Things Mentally Strong People Do


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Mental strength is desirable because it brings us closer to living our best life. Some of us have a natural ability for mental strength, and some of us (including myself) have to put in a bit of work for it. I would love to have it come effortlessly, but I just care TOO much about everything and I overthink everything. This does, however, mean that I am constantly researching and looking for ways we can improve our mental strength, because I care so much about how people feel.

So I have good news, you can build mental strength, and just like any other skill it just takes your desire and a lot of practice. 

10 things mentally strong people do in life

Here are 10 things mentally strong people do

They don’t compare themselves 

Mentally strong people don’t waste energy comparing themselves to others, they know time is best spent investing in self-growth.


They focus on solutions 

Instead of focusing on problems, they focus on possible solutions to any problems they may come across. They don’t spend their day contemplating on problems and feeling like the world is against them. 


They believe in themselves 

Mentally strong people are optimistic and believe in themselves. They have confidence that they can overcome challenges and this makes them adaptable to change. They have a good sense of who they are and they are comfortable with who they are.


They establish healthy habits 

We can influence our emotional well-being by the habits we create in our daily lives. Mentally strong people know that establishing healthy habits, like the ones in this article by healthline,  is key to progress and feeling their best. 


They reach out

They reach out to others when they need to and are continually learning from others. 


They focus on what they can change 

They don’t get stuck thinking about what they can’t change. They accept it and then turn their attention to what they can change instead. 


They take risks and see mistakes as opportunities to learn 

Mentally strong people are not afraid to take healthy risks for personal development and if it doesn’t work out, they don’t let this get them down. They take the opportunity to learn from what doesn’t go right and work out a forward-thinking strategy. 


Have goals and vision

Whether they are small goals or bigger goals, mentally strong people have a vision in mind and they enjoy the process of working towards this. 


Prioritise self care 

Mentally strong people know that self care can not be pushed to the back of the pile. They take care of their health and well-being by being kind to themselves and setting aside time to do what re-energises them.


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A healthy balance between emotion and logic 

They have a healthy balance between how they feel, and the actions they take. Meaning they do not suppress their emotions or act on them impulsively. Instead, they acknowledge how they feel and allow themselves time to think of the best step to take. 



There you have it, 10 things mentally strong people do. What would you add to this list? I’d love to hear your ideas.


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