28 Adorable First Birthday Party Themes For Girls

28 Adorable First Birthday Party Themes For Girls

This post is all about first birthday party themes for girls 

28 Adorable First Birthday Party Themes For Girls


I want to start by taking a moment to acknowledge that your daughter’s birthday is not only about celebrating her, but also about commemorating your first year of loving her. It’s a day that honors the journey you undertook to bring her into this world—the long nights, the difficult days, the changes, the adjustments. It’s a day that celebrates the bonding, the lullabies sung, the first smiles and giggles elicited because of you. You’re incredible.

Now, let’s move on to celebrating your precious, perfect little person!

The ideas below have been thoughtfully curated to honor our little girls and ensure that their first birthday reflects just how much they mean to us. 


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First Birthday Party Themes For Girls


1. Superhero girl theme

I love this theme because it celebrates girls in all their power! A perfect theme for your little girl’s first birthday celebration. 



2. Candy House theme

Step into a world of wonder with a candy house theme! every corner will be a feast for the eyes and all of the guests, both big and small will be amazed. 



3. Strawberries and cream theme

Nothing sweeter than a strawberries and cream first birthday party, every detail as cute as can be, making it a refreshing atmosphere for all to enjoy. 



4. Teddy bears picnic theme

An adorable and memorable theme for your precious one’s first birthday, with the charm and cuddliness of teddy bears. There’s no way this won’t be loved.


5. Mermaids and shells theme

You can transform your sweetheart’s first birthday into a mesmerizing underwater palace with a mermaids and shells theme, guaranteed to captivate your guests. 



6. Sensory theme

What baby doesn’t love a sensory room? Well, what is more perfect than creating their very own one for their first birthday! With all of the sensory elements, this is going to make for a fun-filled atmosphere and a very special day. 



7. Enchanting fairy garden theme

An enchanted fairy garden theme will be so much fun to put together and a brilliant surprise for your baby. With twinkling lights, delicate blooms, and whimsical fairy figurines, you can transform their world into a magical place of imagination.



8. Princess dresses & tea party theme

If you prefer a more delicate touch then princess dresses and tea party theme would be perfect. Consider balloon bouquets, elegant tables with lace tablecloths, a princess-themed backdrop, and arrange fresh flowers in vases or tea cups to add a touch of beauty and fragrance to the party space.



9. Glitter theme

Create a sparkling atmosphere with a glitter themed first birthday party for your little girl! You can use glittery tableclothes, glittery vases, glitter balloons and you can also add your own glitter to your decorations. You could also buy edible glitter to add to your party food.



10. Wooden toy theme

I just love wooden toys for my children; they look and feel like good quality and are also more aesthetically pleasing. This makes them perfect for a party theme. Your little one and their friends will also love to play and interact with their party surroundings



11. Ice cream theme

bring the excitement of ice cream with this wonderful theme. You have so many options for bright and colourful decorations, it will be so much fun putting these decorations together. 



12. Hot air balloon ride theme

You can create your little girls very own hot air balloon ride just like the picture above. This would make for lovely photos and she will be excited to play inside it with all of her friends. 



13. Tent theme

I adore this theme because it is more than just decorations and aesthetic, because it is so much fun for little one, you can completely DIY the tent with fairy lights and party decor, or you could hire a party decorating team to come in and set it all up. 



14. Soft play theme

What is going to be more fun than a soft play theme for your little ones first birthday? because i cantthink of anything better! You can easily create this theme anywhere, even at home. Why not make the soft play part of their birthday present they can enjoy long after the party?



15. Wands and tiaras theme

A super sweet theme that will make the decor glitter and shine with diamonds and pearls. You can dress up the decorations, food and propts. 



16. gold & pink Horse and carriage theme

You could bring a fantastic carriage into the party for the children to have fun with and to get some great pictures. Or you could simply use decorations with this theme on them. Your daughters party will look glamorous with this gold and pink horse and carriage theme. 



17. Favourite book theme

This is just a beautiful idea celebrating children’s love of books. I bet there is a book you love reading with your child? you can incorporate it into their party and you’ll always remember this. 



18. Ladybirds and caterpillars theme

I love how bright and cheerful this theme can be, the red and green together is wonderfully striking, the children will find it very exciting seeing the decorations, you could also create a wonderful lady bird cake. 



19. Shooting stars and galaxy theme

Both your children and adult guests will love looking up at the galaxy for this party theme. You can create the galaxy with decorations or a projector. Maybe you could have a photo of the night sky when your daughter was born?



20. Princess throne theme

if you want to create some beautiful pictures for your daughters first birthday then this is the theme to go for. You can make the princess throne the centre piece of the party ans then weave this theme throughout the party. With different fabrics and lights, this is bound to make a magical day. 



21. Yellow and green theme

Yellow and green just look absolutely wonderful together. It brings happiness and calm to the atmosphere, so if this is the vibe your going for you can use these colors with the decorations, food, and maybe the outfits too. 



22. Clouds and pink theme

Create this soft magical look by having a clouds and pink theme. You can use different materials to create clouds, and combine this with different tones of pink. 



23. Polka dot theme 

I love this idea because you don’t need to do much to make it look lovely. You can have one colour theme or multiple. And you can create dots for almost anything. Your decorations and food will look stunning!



24. Favourite nursery rhyme theme

Does your baby have a favourite nursery rhyme they love you singing? maybe there’s a sentimental one you have in mind. Msake her first birthday extra special by using this as her birthday theme. she will love to see her favorite song come to life. 



25. Cookies theme

If you and your guests love to bake ( or just love to eat cookies) then this theme will be so much fun! You could host a “cookie party” for your little girls first birthday. The gorgeous cookie choices are endless. 



26. Toys theme

How about including all of your little ones favourite toys? any other children can be encouraged to bring along their toys too, This will be an adorable idea for a first birthday party to remember. 



27. Panda theme

Is it me or do all little ones LOVE pandas? I also love how they are black and white becausebabies love to look at high-contrast black-and-white patterns. You could mix this with any color of your choice. And wouldn’t a panda cake look just amazing?



28. Garden party theme

If the weather is looking good then a garden party theme will be fantastic. And if you’re indoors, then you could use flowers and nature colors to bring the outside in. Perhapse the little ones can have a picnic area set up? With delicate decorations, and nature inspired touches, you can create a happy garden party theme. 


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