Self Care Challenge (7 days)

Self Care Challenge (7 days)


If you don’t get a lot of time for self-care, or if a busy and demanding life has meant you’ve gotten out of the habit of taking care of yourself, then try these small self-care challenge ideas to kick start a transformation in how you feel. Self-care can look different for everyone so I’ve created 7 ideas that you can customize to fit exactly what you like as an individual. Hopefully, after participating in this 7-day challenge, you may even find it worth incorporating these special “me moments” into your life for good. Then, you’ll be creating positive habits and on your way to a healthier mind and happier way of living. 



Self Care Challenge (7 days)


Self Care Challenge

Day one

Write down 5 things you love about yourself and place this somewhere you can see every day. If you don’t want to write something, then draw some pictures or print off some pictures of things that make you feel good. Place these somewhere you’ll see every morning, that way you get to start your day feeling positive. In the morning we are most receptive to our thoughts

Day two 

Connect with nature in any way which you enjoy the most. You could take a stroll somewhere visually pleasing, go for a jog with your favorite playlist, or go buy some new plants for your garden or house. Feeling connected to nature improves our mental well-being and generates calmness. 


Day three

Dedicate an evening to creativity. Do you love reading, playing an instrument, or crafting? Set aside this evening to do what you love and with no distractions, because being creative is healthy for our brain function. Our individual creativity also helps us to connect to ourselves. 


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Day four

Try a new healthy recipe. It could be a new smoothie or a new recipe from Pinterest. Or you could simply try a fruit or vegetable you’ve never tried before. Just make it replenishing for your body. Research tells us that there is a link between what we eat and how we feel, so don’t underestimate making even just a small change. 


Day five 

Make a plan to look forward to. Schedule a girl’s night or a date night. Save a day in the calendar for a visit somewhere you’ve been wanting to go. It can be as big or as small as you like, just get it in the diary. Because, when we have something to look forward to, we instantly brighten up.  And I bet you deserve it too.


Day six

Do something to make your home environment relaxing. Change the pictures on the wall, put some flowers in a vase, or change around your room. Just dedicate some time today to cultivating your home environment into a calm place that reflects you. Doing this means you will always have an enjoyable project to add to, and you’ll always have a calming place to come home to no matter how the day has been. A visually pleasing and homely environment creates a better sense of well-being.


Day seven

Pamper yourself. Is there a part of your body that would benefit from some TLC? For example, Fill up a bucket with warm soapy water and let your feet soak while you read a book or watch a feel-good film. Take extra care of your body today and you’ll feel great. While you’re pampering your body, you could write in your journal, or begin a journal if you haven’t already.



Hopefully, after participating in this 7 day self-care challenge, you may find it worth Incorporating these special “me moments” into your life more regularly. Report back and let me know how you feel at the end of the week, I would love to know if it helps you.  


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