You are currently viewing Affirmations For Setting Boundaries: Gaining Self Assurance

Affirmations For Setting Boundaries: Gaining Self Assurance

Affirmations For Setting Boundaries: Gaining Self Assurance

Affirmations For Setting Boundaries: Gaining Self Assurance

How can I start setting boundaries?

If you are wondering “How can I advocate for my boundaries?” then you have come to the right place because affirmations for setting boundaries are a great place to start. Learning to set boundaries is a skill that takes time and practice. Most importantly, it takes self-compassion and self-kindness. The first step to setting boundaries is to figure out what is in the way of setting them. You could do this by journaling. Ask yourself questions such as “What are my beliefs about setting boundaries?” “How does setting boundaries make me feel?” and “How have I been treated in the past when trying to set boundaries?”. 

The next step is to let go of old beliefs about boundaries that are no longer serving you. Now you are ready to prepare your mind to set new healthy boundaries that support your emotional well-being. A great way to do this is to use affirmations. Positive thoughts create positive emotions, which can actually change our physiology and improve our mental, emotional, and physical health.

The following affirmations are to help prepare your mind for when you need to stand up for yourself. We have carefully crafted these for some self-esteem and self-worth building. Remember to repeat these affirmations regularly, especially when you feel the urge to please people. The more we repeat affirmations, the more they start to have an influence on our thinking. They can help reinforce your self-worth and empower you to prioritize your needs and happiness.

Affirmations for setting boundaries and gaining self-assurance

I don’t have to please others to be loveable

I have the power to speak up when something doesn’t feel right

My needs are just as important as other people’s

My worth is not measured by the approval of others

My desires are just as valid as other people’s

My thoughts and feelings carry value

I have the power to stand up for myself

It is in my control to either accept or allow how I am treated 

Every time I practice something, I get better at it

Small steps make a big difference

I don’t have to answer right away just because someone asked me a question

My needs may be different to those around me and that’s perfectly ok

I can state my needs without giving excuses

I can be assertive without being aggressive

I need to make myself a priority

I can choose how to use my time

I trust myself to make the best decisions for my life

I embrace my uniqueness and know that I have value to offer

I am capable of overcoming challenges

I believe in myself and my abilities

I can bounce back from difficulties

I deserve to be heard

I deserve to be treated with respect

My emotions and feelings are valid

I have the power to craft the life I love

I have the full right to prioritize my needs

I can act in a way that aligns with my values

I communicate my boundaries assertively and with kindness

I deserve to be surrounded by people who respect me

I release any guilt or shame associated with setting boundaries and prioritize my own self-care

Speaking up for myself is an act of self-love

I am worthy of relationships that respect and honor my values

I trust my intuition and make decisions that are right for me

I acknowledge every small step I take toward my goals 


I speak and act in a way that aligns with my authentic self

I am not responsible for pleasing others at the expense of my own needs

I am not responsible for the happiness or satisfaction of others

My value lies in being true to myself, not in meeting others’ expectations

I let go of the fear of rejection and embrace my own worthiness

I am free to be who I am


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