Parenting Is Art



It will throw you into a world of colours, and you’ll make mistakes that make you think hard. It will challenge you to your greatest, but as difficult as it feels you’ll keep coming back to add time and love to where your energy is most valuable. It will cause changes in yourself you would never believe possible, self discoveries will come in overwhelming waves that move you like the ocean. You’ll be inspired by others’  ideas but also have this inner desire to add your own unique stamp. You’ll see the organic truth of beauty flourishing right before your eyes, it will fill you with both tears and happiness. You’ll learn to accept that not everyone will see your magic, and that’s ok, it makes no difference to its value. You’ll see that there are others who see your magic, and you’ll finally find your people. It takes a journey of reconnecting to your most authentic self and you will want to gift that piece of you into this world. It will make you question everything you’ve ever known till you feel lonely and lost, and then it will lead you gently into the deepest depths of life’s meaning,


You are an artist.

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