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Are you nap-trapped? have limited time and/or help? it’s hard to grab some time for yourself when you are a parent, let alone when you do not have the support which you need, I hear you parents.

These self care resources will help you to have a moment to reconnect with yourself again. Because being mum/dad is lovely, but we are still our own individual people too! 

When you are so used to being in the role of mum or dad, it is so easy to lose a sense of identity, to forget about what makes you, you. I know first hand the difficulty of finding time for winding down, it’s almost impossible and those times come around so rarely. 

If you are like me and you don’t get a lot of time to yourself, these sheets are perfect for you because they can be easily picked up when the baby is napping or you have finally got a small space of time to yourself, and they don’t take long to do either.

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Free Printables


Below is a printable list of affirmations for self care, click to download 


affirmations for self care


Below are two printable sheets that can help with reconnecting to yourself, click to download 

Self care planner #selflove #selfcare #selfcareideas




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