When I think of quality time with my children, I think of times when we’re fully invested in the moment. The moments when life slows down, and it’s just you and them, talking, laughing, and playing. These are the times when they tell you all sorts of things and you can really learn more about your child as a whole person. Earthimama was created for these moments, to strengthen connection. Here you’ll find activities to support those quality moments, from arts and crafts to sensory and nature fun.

Earthimama is all about quality time, so  here you’ll find lots of ideas and templates which help take away some of the prep work so that you can focus on time as a family

Valentines/Mothers/Fathers day Card

Your little artists can customise this card with their own words and gift it to their loved one. I think valentines day becomes even more special when you get your first card from your child, in fact I think I have kept the ones my son made me every year. 


“I love you because” free printable customisable valentines card

I love you because
I love you because

Free printable valentines card


Finger Print Flowers

Make some beautiful flowers with your little one and keep their tiny finger prints forever!

Mummy And Me free printable and customisable flowers



Easter Bunny Printable

Your child can make themselves into an easter bunny with this free

printable and colour it in

Easter Bunny Printable
Easter Bunny Printable





Easter Challenge


Earthimama- easter challenge    freeparent and child question gameparent and child game

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