Mummy And Me Flowers Free Printable

Make beautiful flowers with your little one and keep their tiny fingerprints forever! 

There is always a day when it feels like time is moving a little slower, the atmosphere is relaxed and there is nothing better than getting out the crafts and being a bit creative. What I love about finger painting is that it is simple and you can create some beautiful designs. This can also be done with younger ones if you have safe paint. 

These flower prints can be a perfect gift for valentines day, mothers day, or a birthday. 

Take a look at the example my daughter and I made below

Free printable mummy and me flowers
Free printable mummy and me flowers

My daughter is 13 months at the time of making this together, she enjoyed it although I must say she did look at me very strangely when I was putting bright purple on her finger! The great thing about this design is that it looks pretty in a frame or on the fridge and it’s a perfect representation of your time together. 

How to create this design

Simply print out this free downloadable template, then put some toxic-free washable paint on your child’s finger, then let your child create pretty petals with their thumbprint (if your child is small like my child then you may need to assist them with gently pressing their fingerprint down onto the page. Then just add your names and a date and let it dry! Click the link below to download and print!


free printable mummy and me flowers






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