You are currently viewing Back To School Affirmations For A Growth Mindset: Kids And Teens

Back To School Affirmations For A Growth Mindset: Kids And Teens

Back To School Affirmations For A Growth Mindset: Kids And Teens

Are your kids going back to school? Whether it’s moving up to a new school, moving up to a new school year, or just going back to school after the school holidays and school breaks, going back to school can bring on some low moods and anxiety. That’s why we want to help with these back-to-school affirmations. These affirmations for a growth mindset can help prepare children’s minds for actually enjoying learning, discovering, and jumping into new experiences.

Our aim is to help your children develop a growth mindset and feel so full of love and positivity that any challenges or difficulties they face they’ll be able to bounce back from. We want to help them to also embrace the learning environment while knowing that their emotional and physical health is the most important thing to take care of because when we take care of that everything else falls into place. A test cannot measure their personal development so let’s ensure their self-worth is tied to them as an individual and not as a comparison to anyone else.

What is a growth mindset?

A growth mindset moves away from having a fixed mindset such as defining a person as one way or another and instead, as Therapyworks explains, puts an emphasis on the belief that we can improve our intelligence and strengthen our skills by putting in effort and facing challenges. As research shows, students show positive growth when they believe that intelligence is malleable rather than fixed, and when they learn about how their brains work. For example, Children with a fixed mindset may focus on grades to confirm their belief whether they are smart or not. However, children with a growth mindset would focus on their learning in order to improve.

This is important because we don’t want our children to tie their worth to their grades; we want them to enjoy the continuous learning journey, to be inspired to improve, and to hold their self-worth as a staple throughout their lives. 

How do I practice affirmations with my kids?

As we all know, affirmations are most effective when we practice them. This is because what we repeatedly tell ourselves becomes our beliefs, and we act in alignment with our beliefs. There are many ways you can get children into the habit of practicing affirmations. You could practice saying them out loud together, or you could write them down somewhere your child will see every day like on a whiteboard in their room or on their cup as they have their first drink in the morning!

Here are some ways you can practice affirmations with your kids:

Affirmation Journal For Kids: Pink or Blue

Positive Thinking Jar

Positive Notebooks

Positive Affirmation Postcards

Magnetic Bookmarks

Happiness Cards


Back To School Affirmations For Younger Children

Back To School Affirmations For A Growth Mindset: Kids And Teens

I am excited to see what this day brings 

I believe in myself and my abilities

I am proud of everything I try

I look forward to new adventures

I get better at something each time I try

I can follow my passions and interests

It’s great to ask questions when I don’t understand something

I can use my creativity in my work

I can be respectful toward myself, my classmates, and my teachers

I have the power to speak up when something doesn’t feel right

I am grateful for the opportunity to learn at school

I am grateful for my friends 

I am proud to be me

I am proud of what makes me different

Mistakes give me the opportunity to learn and improve

I am free to express who I am

I can make my school a better place by being there

I make a difference in the world

I welcome friendships that make me feel happy

I can walk away from situations that don’t help me be my best self

I am beautifully unique and cannot be compared with others

Learning new things makes my brain grow


Back To School Affirmations For Older Children And Teens

Back To School Affirmations For A Growth Mindset: Kids And Teens

I welcome new experiences that help me to grow as a person

My dreams welcome me as much as I welcome them

I am grateful for my access to education

I can celebrate all of my accomplishments, small and big

I evolve with each experience

I can focus on the positives of each day

I am ready for challenges that help me evolve

I am ready to see how good this year can get

I accept and love myself fully

My self-worth is something that can not be taken away

I release negative thoughts that don’t make me feel good

I welcome happy and healthy friendships

following my own passions and interests makes me loveable and likable just as I am

I don’t need to change who I am if I am with the right friendship groups

I am excited to learn more about myself every day

I can respect myself and other people at the same time

It’s okay to question something that doesn’t feel right

I will prioritize my emotional and physical health above all

I can take care of myself so that I can enjoy learning

I will work hard when I can and I will rest when I need to

I believe in myself

I can set goals that are right for me

I embrace my uniqueness

Learning new things makes new connections in my brain

It shows strength to ask for help when I need it

I can bounce back from setbacks with determination

I am open to feedback and can use it productively

I am worthy of all of my dreams

My self-worth comes from within

My self-growth and personal development cannot be measured by a test


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