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This week’s story goes to a reader who is a mother of four adult children, she wrote this beautiful poem about the enduring quality of the love a mother has for her children



A mother’s love

In her mind’s eye, she sees you all safe, out of harm’s way, a protected place her brood that once was.

Scattered like billiard balls, each finding a begin again, this chain of life’s creating.

Yet somewhere within her being, you are still her children, cherished, innocent and pure.

She still holds you tight when you fall, still marvels at your presence, the miracle that she once held in her arms…mother’s love overwhelming.

No longer is she centre of your world, mother duck heading the procession, gathering you close in protective collection.

And yet, a lifetime of listening, watching..reacting.

Empty nest..two words, reads differently in isolation

In her mind’s eye she still sees you all cherished, innocent, and pure, the miracle she still holds in her arms, mother’s love overwhelmingly!





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